Surviving the Autumn/Winter Bug Season: 10 Tips for Busy Moms

Surviving the Winter Bug Season: 10 Tips for Busy Moms

The Autumn chill is here, and with it comes a flurry of bugs! Over the past week, it feels like everyone under is about to come down with something. As a mom, you know that you can’t really afford to be sick, right? But how do manage mum life if sickness strikes? Here are 10 strategies to help you navigate the challenges.

When illness strikes and sleep becomes a distant memory, anxiety levels soar, and the cloud of depression can loom large.

I’m hopeful that while autumn has just started we may be able to keep the bugs away but if you find yourself in the trenches of motherhood with duties piling up and everyone under the weather, you might be wondering how to survive. Well, here are some tips that have been my saving grace in the pst few years:

Surviving the Winter Bug Season: 10 Tips for Busy Moms

  • **Binge-Worthy Box Sets:** Embrace Netflix during those precious nap times. Snuggle up with a comforting cup of tea and indulge in some guilty pleasures like ‘The Good Place,’ ‘Chesapeake Shores,’ ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’ or even revisit ‘Doctor Who’ from the Christopher Eccleston era.
  • **Upgrade Your Cuppa:** Trade your regular tea for a vitamin-infused variety. While the claims about boosting your vitamin intake may be debatable, it sure makes you feel a tad better.
  • **Beat Cabin Fever:** Bundle up the family and take a stroll around the block. Sometimes, nothing beats the warmth of home, but some fresh air can work wonders for your spirits.
  • **Online Grocery Shopping:** Stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and easy-to-prepare meals for the week with an online grocery haul.
  • **Keep It Simple and Healthy:** Don’t overcomplicate meals when you’re tired and low on energy. A simple dish with meat and a couple of frozen veggies can be just as nutritious as a more elaborate meal.
  • **Tech Time for Kids:** Embrace technology for a few days; let the kids play or watch their favorite content on a tablet. It’ll give you a much-needed break.
  • **Cozy Sofa Time:** Set up a cosy movie night on the sofa. Provide some snacks, relax, and enjoy some downtime.
  • **Prioritize Sleep:** Follow your kids’ lead and head to bed early or take a nap when they do. A little extra rest can do wonders.
  • **Housework Can Wait:** Don’t stress about the state of the house; it’ll still be there when you’re feeling better. Focus on the essentials for now.
  • **Call in Reinforcements:** Reach out for help. If you’re fortunate like me to have a mom who can pitch in, don’t hesitate to accept the support. Whether it’s cooking meals or helping with bath time, every bit helps.

Bonus Tip: **This Too Shall Pass:** Always remember, this challenging time will pass, and you and your family will bounce back soon.

You’ve got this! I hope these tips make those never-ending sick days a bit more manageable.

Warm wishes,
Nina x