What To Do This Summer Holidays! 10 Ideas for Summer adventures.

AS the kids come to the end of week one back at school and mr sunshine tempts us every now and again my thoughts like a lot of others are turning to the Summer Holidays. But Will we be allowed to travel? Will Summer holidays go ahead or will our children be required to attend summer school to catch up? For me and my family we are always looking at planning our next adventure so Here are my thoughts on what to do this Summer Holidays.

In the past we have been on road trips within the uk over the Summer Months. Or even gone further a field to Lanzarote and even to Disneyland Paris. This year however I think it will be short Local adventures.

10 Ideas for Summer adventures in wording on right. Suitcase packed with hat, flipflops and sand on left.

You might think hold on a minute the summer is ages away but with holidays abroad limited or even off the cards all-together I think places will get booked up pretty quick this year! Especially in the popular resort towns areas like Whitby, Cornwall & The lake district.

It may surprise you to know the summer holidays are under 20 weeks away. So what better time to get planning those summer adventures.

10 Ideas for Summer adventures.

  1. For those that want a break from your own four walls taking a look on AirBNB for accommodation that is far enough to give you somewhere new to explore. We have used AirBNB a lot for uk breaks and ones abroad. Air BNB gives you a home from home and most is a holiday rental that you rent as a whole however there are a few on there that rent out guest rooms in their homes. I would say it would be best at this moment to check the search box for whole house rental.
  2. Hire a Camper or Motorhome. – We have done both over the past couple of years and its been an amazing adventure every time. If you are a big family like ours and wanting a getaway for over a few nights I would say the best option is a motorhome Like we had from Just Go. We had ours for nearly 2 weeks and even 6 of us in their was pretty comfortable. However for smaller families or over night stops a quirky camper would be ideal. The bonus with a camper is they fit on more roads and in more carparks so it’s easier to get about more. be wary of price hikes for campsites though as I know a few people have paid well over average for pitches this year.
  3. Daily road Trips – If you cant find over night accommodation that suits your budget how about taking a week off and having daily road trips some where new that is more local to you? Take a trip to a new town, village, country park, or beach. Pack a picnic a flask and some activities for the day and explore somewhere new.
  4. Mini Beach Vibes – Day times at the beach are often busy with tourists but what if you just went for dinner? `We live an hour and a half from our nearest beach but we have often got in the car around 2/3pm and headed to the beach to pick up fish n chips for dinner. then spent sometime playing without the crowds all around.Stay At Home….. – Last year during lockdown we had a stay at home festival this year I am hoping we can have a similar one but one that we can invite friends over to enjoy with us! We also had stay at home road trip to Europe. what stay at home adventure could you recreate? Stacey Solomon had a beach in her bathroom day but Im not quite ready for that amount of mess not yet anyway!
  5. Local Adventures – A popular idea lately is to do a treasure hunt around your local town there are loads of sites now selling treasure hunts for your local area. It’s a great way to see your town in a different light.
  6. Geocaching Similar to Treasure hunting you could have a go at geocaching- Download the app, create an account (For free although there is also a premium version) and off you go! It’s like a modern day treasure hunt. You use multimillion dollar satellites to find Tupperware tubs hidden around the globe! Our kids love this. Again it gets ou seeing places you wouldn’t have thought of going. It gets you outdoors and its great for the whole family!
  7. Garden Campsite – Similar to our stay at home adventures my kids love it if I put the tent up in the garden and say we can sleep in it over night! We get all the blankets, bean bags and fairy lights to keep things cosy then we read a book before bed. It’s often a late night due to the excitement but I love waking up after a night in a tent.
  8. Cinema Night – We have a cinema room in our summer house however last year on those warm nights we would set up the projector outdoors and project onto a screen we’ve put up on the patio. It’s become that popular over the past year that you can pick up a decent kits for home cinema nights at a great price now.
  9. Swimming – I couldn’t talk about summer activities without mentioning a swim now could I? – Open swimming, river swimming is nothing new however more and more people have been taking u=it up over the past year or so with the mental health benefits now being talked about more and more. Add in the fact that pools have been mainly closed for the past year a river dip is a great activity – Be careful though please use common sense – There is some safety advice here.
  10. Kayaking – For my 40th birthday I was bought a kayak. Its something that gave us some great adventures in the summer of 2020. Not only for tootling about on the canal and picnicking at the side of the canal but exploring areas from the angel of the water. There are the added benefits of exercise too!

What To Do This Summer Holidays

So there you have it! 10 ideas to keep you entertained during the summer months. Id love to know if you plan on doing any of these or if you take up a new activity this year!

This summer may look a little bit different to usual summer holidays however that doesn’t mean you cant have mini daily adventures!