Body Image – Mental Health Awareness week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. The Theme being Body Image. Since having my cesarian Hysterectomy for my second set of twins birth I think I’ve actually grown to appreciate my body more.

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week I have decided to write a Mental Health related post each day during the week. Day one Is Body Image.

Body Image

I am someone who is not only living with a mental illness at the moment (and probably always will be ) but I’ve also lived with it on and off for a lot of my adult life. I think its so important to share our experiences so that people feel less alone with their thoughts.

Body Image Isn’t something I’ve really had an issue with although I know that I need to lose some weight and I’m not overly confident about my mummy tummy. But it doesn’t really affect my mental health.

In fact I think I’ve actually become more appreciative of my body as I’m getting older. Its got me this far in life in a relatively healthy state.

It has grown 4 babies two at a time.

My body healed after the 2 major operations and 2 routine operations I’ve had in my life.

Pregnancy and Body Image

When I became pregnant I worried that because of the shape of my bump while carrying twins People would just look at me and think I was fat rather than having a lovely little bump. But it grew those babies.

Then when I got pregnant for a second time and I knew I had to have a cesarian Hysterectomy I was told the cut would be vertical. I panicked that I would see the scar daily and that I would be sad about it. Im not, I look at that scar and think how lucky I am to be here.


I’m proud of that scar. Not take my kit off and show all proud but proud none the less. Its a scar that saved my life!

Menopause and body Image

Ive still got work to do on my body to be classed as “in shape” but I’m now going through menopause which makes losing weight harder and can change your body considerably.

So I really do have mixed feelings about body image and although as I’ve already said it doesn’t affect me mentally I know that it can be a big issue for a lot of people.

Nina x

Find out more about Mental Health awareness week head to the website