How to survive the dreaded Chicken Pox. 10 tips updated

Last week while Nanny Sue was struck with the flu

The Christmas Twins came down with chickenpox.

They really did have a good dose of it too.

While Miss M had a milder dose than Mr J.

We have had the pox here before when they were 4. Miss M getting it slightly worse than Mr J. However this time the spots were so much more angry looking. Full blown blisters.

Mr J bless him had it in he is mouth around his privates even on the sole of his foot.

As parents we often feel helpless when our kids are suffering. Here is a few things we did to help ease the suffering.

  1. Oat Bath – I had a vague recollection that oats were soothing in a bath. Someone on Instagram confirmed this to me. Put a few table spoons of oats in a sock or we used a Muslim cloth secured with a hair bobble. And run it under the hot tap while you are filling the bath. (Don’t have the bath too hot. The cooler te better actually)
  2. Calamine lotion. – although this can sometimes itch more than the spots once it’s dried.
  3. Dedicated chickenpox foam. The foam doesn’t itch like calamine lotion as it seems to soak in rather than dry on the skin. It’s supposed to form a barrier too and stop the Bactria from spreading any further.
  4. Antihistamine can help with itchy spots too.
  5. Ice pops. As I say Mr J had spots in his mouth. The ice pop helped get some fluids into him and cool his mouth.
  6. Plenty of fluids. As with any illness especially if they have gone off their food.
  7. If they are not “poorly” with it keep them busy. We did some school work in a morning while they were off so they didn’t have much to catch up on once the spots had cleared.
  8. Duvet day. In an afternoon We had plenty of snuggles and naps on the sofa while watching a film.
  9. Get some fresh air. We were cooped up a couple of days. In the end we went for a walk just around the block to get some air and sunlight.
  10. Easier said than done but try not to let them scratch or pick. The spots will get sore and may spread more around the body.

I hope this helps your little ones and you.

If all else fails get them in bed hide in the bathroom with a big glass of vino. 😉

“Since the big two have gone back to school and are healing quite nicely from their spots. The babies have now got it. Quite bad. 🙁


I’m updating this to add a few more tips for babies.

  1. Give paracetamol & ibuprofen at staggered intervals throughout the day. Our Dr said Ibuprofen is fine for chicken pox

  2. Nappy free time. Where possible lay them on a puppy training pad and a blanket and let the aire get around their bottom. Spot normally develop in the warmest part of the body.

  3. Hydration. Give them a little filled boiled water in between feeds to keep them hydrated.

  4. If you are worried ask the dr. Our little boy started with conjunctivitis a bit like our big girl. He still has quite red eyes so we thought it best just to nip him to the Drs. We now have a Perscription for eye gel, and some antihistamine to try and relive the soreness of the spots.

  5. Try not to handle them too much. It’s hard to see your babies in pain and discomfort. However where possible try and let them lay in comfort as handling them could rub their spots. “

Nina x