April Word Of The Month

“Take the maps they gave, And burn them, Take the lessons, And unlearn them, Whoever’s holding you down, Whatever’s changing your mind, There’s a road you will only ever find, Is there, If you dare
Just for once don’t stop and stare, Spread your wings , And trust the air
If you think the ice looks thin, Run faster
If you dare , Take the jump without the fear, And the far side will appear
Of a land you find is there, If you dare”  An extract from ‘Dare’ From Calendar Girls The Musical by Gary Barlow & Tim Firth

April is here and for many of us its the Easter Holidays For us however Its the start of a new adventure.


If you’ve read my post Gap Year you will know that as of the first of April We are Going to start Home Educating the twins (I say we I mean me)

We will be planning adventures around the uk and Europe.

My word of the Month for April is going to be Dare. I sat in the car driving to a Civil Reception of all places On my own. The first time I’ve been to such an event. I was feeling anxious about not knowing anyone and wondering if I would spend the evening sat in a corner.

The song Brave (See lyrics and link above) came on and the anxiety dropped a little.

It was then I decided it had to be my word of the month.

Brave to follow my heart and start our gap year home school journey.

Brave Saying yes to more opportunities

Brave to take on whatever comes our way in the future.

Whats your word for April?

Do you ever feel influenced by a particular song?


Nina x