What Makes A Great Christmas Advert?

I’ve seen my fair share of Christmas adverts. Some starting as far back as September.

But what makes a good Christmas Advert?

I normally vote for the ones that have a story, are memorable, the ones that’s scream Christmas.

Remember this one?

Or …

What if I say “the holidays are coming ,the holidays are coming….”

That advert has to be one of the most iconic Christmas adverts of all time.

But what is it that makes a good Chritmas advert?

Well for me

  • Children singing – One child is great but a whole school choir will get me every time.
  • Nostalgia – Anything where I can look back on memories gone by.
  • A story – If there is a story to the advert Im more likely to get engrossed.
  • Humour – A little bit of humour can really make an advert memorable.
  • Cuteness – Is there a cuddly creature or toy? Everybody say Ahhhhhh

Ive added some of my favourites in a playlist over on Your Tube.

The best ones  for me in 2018 have to be

Boots – I love it. It really gives me a tear every time I see it!

John Lewis – I’m not a massive Elton fan but seeing the child that receives his piano on chritmas day that piano makes his whole life. floods of tears here

And I cant leave out

Mum: Who are you playing in the school play?

Kid: The Plug

Mum The What???

I just love it!

I asked around  what other people class as their favorite Christmas adverts are and why.

Pink Pear Bear – The John Lewis advert where it fast forwards through time of a woman’s life. It came out when I was pregnant and it made me weep every time but it’s a beautiful advert and reminds me of sitting with my big bump and picturing the future. 

Wanderlust and Wet wipes – 2011 John Lewis advert.  Still makes me cry!

Mums The Nerd I loved The Snowman Love Story – John Lewis. It still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Mrs Hible I loved the John Lewis story of the bear and the Hare. Lily Allen’s song along with the animation was just amazing.

Happy Mummy  John Lewis Man On The Moon – absolutely loved that one.

Sophies Nursery Mine is the Sainsburys one set in WW1 during theChristmas Day truce – so moving!

Ellamental Mama Boots 2018 which features a single mum. Something many companies overlook. As a single mum it’s lovely to see that bond shown loud and proud.

A Rose Tinted world The banned Iceland advert from this year. Important message about how we are wrecking the planet in our lust for palm oil.

Mamma Mummy Mum I love the Iron Bru snowman one, it never fails to make me laugh! And lets be honest, Christmas is all about putting a smile on people’s faces.

Life In The Mums Lane  Mine is a close contest between Sainsburys WW1 and John Lewis Hare & Bear. Both have a real story andChristmas spirit. Can I have both?

Christmas Playlist

What is your favourite Christmas advert of all time?

Nina x