Consistency is my word of the year but how do you be more consistent?

I have struggled throughout my life to be consistent. Never sticking at a job very long, getting bored and getting shiny object syndrome. Often running out of time and then failing to get all the jobs done. That’s why if you are on my mailing list they are at best sporadic. But this Year 2023 I am making it my mission to get better at consistency. So this year to try and keep me on track my word of the Year is Consistency! But how do you be more consistent?

What are the benefits of being consistent?

Most people find being consistent difficult and everyone loses their way from time to time but there are so many benefits to staying on track.

If you are trying to be consistent with your daily routine for instance this can help you feel calmer about the day as you know what’s coming.

Working on your goals day by day you will achieve them faster than someone who doesn’t stay on track. If they even achieve them at all.

If your goal is to pay off debt or become more financially sound then keeping on budget will mean you achieve this quicker. If you don’t keep on top of this you can end up losing out on experiences, and items you really want or worse end up further in debt

As human beings, we generally thrive on routine whether we like it or not. Think of the circadian rhythm this in itself is a routine of sorts and in our ancestors, it determined their whole day. Getting into and staying in some kind of routine really helps get things done. That could mean our wider golas or just our daily to do list.

But how do you be more Consistent?

  • To start with you have to know your end goal. So, if you want to get more consistent with your to-do list, consider why these jobs are important and relevant to your end goal. Is that end goal truly one that is fulfilling to you?
  • Next make sure that goal is realistic. There is an acronym that helps you with goal setting Called SMART – SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound There is more on this in a later blog post.
  • F.O.C.U.S. – Follow one course until success. Meaning don’t try to achieve nto many things all at once.
  • Time block your days. Split your days up into blocks and pick one block to work on your goal. Making sure that all other distractions are kept out of that block.
  • Give yourself small rewards for achieving the goals you set out. If you manage to get your kitchen cleaned each week reward yourself with a bunch of flowers or light a candle. or simply make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the hard work.
  • Say No! Take your time when agreeing to commitments. Think about the consequences. Is this going to help you achieve your goal or is this procrastination going to stop you from being consistent with those steps towards your goal?
  • Progress over Perfection. You should know me by now I’m an advocate for embracing the imperfectly Chaotic moments in life. Most of the time though done is better than perfect. so forget those spelling mistakes, don’t worry about the handwriting and just get that thing done.
  • Track your achievements. Grab a habit tracker or make one and track the progress you are making.
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Ultimately staying consistent is something we should all be striving for even though sometimes we struggle. The one most important thing its to take things slow and steady.

Good luck lovely, I’m here to hold your hand!

Nina x