Dreaming of…….. a Cornwall Retreat.

Literally dreaming. I got woken from an amazing dream a couple of nights ago.

Myself & Spencer’s ARC Daddy we’re in Cornwall. I’d fell in love with it.

And knowing how much I love to wander around potential new homes he had set up a surprise house viewing.

Now before I could go and look around or even finish my coffee in my dream Melody woke me up.

But it had me thinking about it all day long.

What would our new house be like?

Must haves in my Cornwall Retreat – These are a little like my ideal house that I go to in my head when I need a quiet moment a little meditative trick from the Calm book.

  • Green Front Door – I love the look of a pale green door. Sadly mine is an old PVC door and I’m not sure it would look the as good painted green as some wooden ones I have seen.
  • A large open Plan Kitchen and Lounge – I like to entertain and it think its just feels better to have one huge room to entertain I love the idea of having a big island that I can prepare food around while chatting with friends or family.
  • A nice garden overlooking the sea. Maybe a a gate leading to the beach. With places to entertain, a BBQ area and decking.
  • Keeping with the garden I’d love a veg patch and chickens but separate from our main garden.
  • Oh and a pool.
  • I will also need an office to write in!
  • Im not too fused about the rest of the rooms only ones that are easy to keep tidy and quite simple.

The main living area is the most important to me. its where I would entertain, where our kids would do homework or school work, where I could grab a quite cuppa.

Maybe this is what my Cornwall retreat would have been like?

I love having dreams like that one. Ones that fire your imagination and puts some goal inspiration in front of you!

What would your Ideal House looks like? Maybe you already live in it?

Nina X