EasiYo! – Making Yogurt At Home Easy! – Gifted Review

How many times do you hear Can I have a snack during the day? Especially since the kids have been off school. My four love to grab a yogurt for a snack. Ive never really thought about making our own as it seemed too much of a faff. Then I came across the EasiYo! EasiYo! – Making yogurt at home easy!

*This post is a a gifted review meaning I was sent the product free of charge to complete an honest review of the item. The post may also contain affiliate links *

EasiYo! – Making Yogurt At Home Easy!

With 4 children to entertain and home school it can be hard to fit in time or find headspace to make anything some days. However the EasiYo! arrived and my big girl (8) asked straight away to make some homemade yogurt.

So we set to opening the box and choosing which flavour we wanted Obviously we chose the banana and strawberry!


EasiYo Is branded as a stress free yogurt maker and I can tell you that even with a million things on my todo list the easiYo really lives up to its claim.

It was designed by a school teacher from New Zealand with 8 children of his own. And I thought I was busy with 4 running a-mock around the house!

He was looking to feed his family something nutritious. Yogurt is a firm favourite the world over but shop bought versions often have preservatives and additives. Looking for something a little more fresh and natural he set about making his own and EasiYo was eventually created.

EasiYo! – Making Yogurt At Home Easy!

It couldn’t be simpler to use. There is a simple 3 step process.

EasiYo! – Making Yogurt At Home Easy!

Easiyo! A Healthy treat

There are no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives in the EasiYo products. They are packed with good bacteria to help those gut bacteria which is thought to help boost our immune system!

Final thoughts on EasiYo!

I was sceptical at first, as to if this was as easy as it claims but honestly it really is. Even my little twins (almost 3) can get involved in making this yogurt. M (8) managed to do most of it on her own.

The yogurt is super think and creamy and it taste delicious! We often have yogurt and fruit on the breakfast table and I think the EasiYo homemade yogurts could be our new go to yogurt of choice.

We have so far tried the strawberry flavour yogurt which is delicious but I’m going to be looking at buying some more at just over £3 a packet this is a super affordable healthy treat.

I can’t wait to grab a few more flavours.

Nina x

EasiYo starter kits and yogurt mix packs are available from lakeland, amazon, and The Range .