Grandma’s Great Egg Hunt – Family Time put Simply

There is only just over a week left of School before the Easter Holidays and I got to thinking about what we will be doing during the Half Term.

We are off on holiday for the first part of the holidays but then after that we have a full week to participate in Easter activities

Including out annual family easter hunt!

Every year grandma hosts an egg hunt.

She buys boxes of little eggs to hide in the garden and each child gets a basket to store their eggs

A couple of days before a set of eggs per child are labelled with their name and on the morning of the hunt they are put out around the garden. sometimes in-between downpours of rain!

Then after all the eggs are found and many consumed we have a lovely buffet style tea where we can catch up with family and friends.

Its a great day for all of us and the kids really look forward to the egg hunt.

Sometimes the most simple things are the ones we remember arnt they.

I think we can be guilty of overcomplicating some of the holidays and celebrations throughout the year.

We love Christmas for example and if we are not carful we can make Easter as complicated and exuberant as christmas but our egg hunt is such a fun little activity and it doesn’t require loads of stuff. Just lots of work from grandma & grandad who put the effort in sorting the eggs and then creating the delicious food!

DO you have a easter egg hunt? What activities do you do in the Easter Holidays? is Easter as big as Christmas is your house?

Nina x