Sourcing More Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC

Eco, Sustainability, Reusable plastics, Re purpose, Recyclable, Green living. All of these phrases are flying around the internet at the moment. Most of them buzz words used to grab attention.However Like most of us I am feeling conscious of how my life affects our planet and I’ve mentioned before about starting my eco friendly journey. I headed over to the Spring Fair at the Nec this year to source out new brands and products who are doing their bit to leave a better planet for our children. Sourcing a more Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC.

Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC

The Spring Fair is a trade show for manufactures and suppliers to come together to showcase products to potential retail outlets, hospitality venues and more. It’s a great place to network however it is massive and quite a long day.

I went along specifically to find sustainable products that I think has a potential to fit into my lifestyle and hopefully into yours too.

This year was easier than ever to find brands and products with the Spring Fair sustainability trail new for 2020. All I had to do was search Sustainability on the exhibitor list. Or check out the list of Suppliers in the Sustainability trail PDF

Click here to see the list for yourself

Sustainable Suppliers List Eco Friendly

The show is massive (It spreads over most of the NEC) I only had a day to do it all in so I only have a little selection of products and brands that I managed to visit.

Noaz Ark – Childrens Bath Products

The creator and Founder of Noaz Ark is Bea Scott. She has 4 children and has family at the base of her company. Bea aims to capture the magic and heritage of Ireland where she grew up in her range of Bath time products.

Bea told me all about her grandmother making potions to fix childhood scrapes. SHe says she has fond memories of her grandmother at the kitchen table back in Ireland from when she was a child. She is now making her own range of potions for children with her bath time products. But its more than just natural bubble bath.

Bea Also writes and illustrates children’s stories to go alongside her products. Which she feels can be read after bath time for that all important family bonding time like she had as a child.

Little Fox Soapery – Soap Bars

It was the Dish soap that drew me to Barbaras stand. I have been looking for alternatives to my usual liquid soap.

She creates the most delicious looking soaps from G&T Hand and body soap to all natural dog soap. She is also developing a range of childrens soaps for the more delicate skin.

Jack & Maddie – Kitchenware Sustainable crockery

I didn’t get chance to chat with Jake or Maddie directly however I did visit the stand. Jake & Maddie produce Natural Kitchenware made from 100% Natural materials. There range of coconut shell bowls are beautiful and functional. They would look lovely stacked on show as well as being safe for food items.

One or two of the items in their catalogue are definitely on my wish list.

T&G woodware – Homeware / crockery

This is the first stand I visited when I arrived and their Ocean Collection really stood out to me. Not only is it stylish but it really appeals to my not so secret desire to live by the sea. On top of that every purchase is helping give a little bit back to saving our planet.

T&G are making a donation to Plastic Ocean Uk with every purchase from the Ocean range.

T&G hopes this gorgeous ‘Ocean’ range will
engage everyone in a conversation to rethink
plastic and consider what we can do help
prevent pollution in our seas. T&G is committed
to reducing plastic usage in the business
substantially by the end of 2019.

Taken from the T&G press Pack

Non Plastic Beach – Toiletries

I didn’t get to speak to anyone off the non plastic beach stand as they were busy when I went past however the stand looked very appealing and they have a range of products. There are some great swaps here I feel.

Talking Tables -Partyware

Talking tables is a partyware company that now have a range of eco friendly products available. With 4 kids in the house and two adults who love to entertain party products that don’t literally cost the earth are a great find for me.

The “Party like there is a tomorrow’ and “boho” ranges really caught my eye. I really like bright colours for a summer party!

Salvage Society – Clothing

The last company I want to give a shout out to is The Salvage Society. They use organic grown cotton grown without pesticides or recycled material.

The items that were on the stand felt really high quality and soft. They look just like my kind of clothing range too. lots of blue and stripes!

We wanted a brand that would appeal to a broad spectrum of people of all ages. We wanted to be as affordable as possible and not make profit the most important factor at the expense of the people and the planet. 

From the Salvage Society Website

Eco Friendly Spring Fair

I hope you find some of these brands and products of use. If or when I make any purchases from any of these brands I’ll be posting about it over on Instagram.

Nina x