Grateful Sunday #2

I”ve decided to start a daily gratitude list.

I have done it before both on my own and as a family – We would send our list to each other (Myself Hubby & Stepson) via our family messenger group! It really helped especially when hubby worked away and with stepson only being here at weekends anyway!

Gratitude lists or journals can really benefit your mental health. They help you focus on the good things of the day, give you 5 – 10 minutes of calm, and when you’re having a bad day you can look back and see all the good things you have written in the past!

To keep me accountable for writing out my list I will post a few of the top things I’ve been grateful for each week!

My List for Sunday 5th November 2017

  • I’ve been discharged from Jessops
  • My appointment to discuss gallbladder has arrived.
  • Lunch with the hubby.
  • A great neighbourhood to take the kids trick or treating in.
  • A nice hot bath.
  • Discharged from breast clinic after a follow-up appointment for a lump that flared up during pregnancy.
  • A day spent online Xmas shopping & snuggling with my babies.
  • Grandmas cooking and baking. (Pork roast dinner with plum crumble to follow.)
  • A great evening spent with family playing retro games and waving sparklers.

Nina x