But I run like Phoebe!

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know the one activity I love to do that can be classed as “exercise” is swimming.

I just love being in the water

I’m a Leo a fire sign so maybe that’s why. Maybe I need to water to calm my fire.

But I just love it.


I love being by the sea, walking along a river or canal, and I love swimming.

The hot tub afterwards is a bonus too.

But I’m not a swimmer. (Like I like to cook (sometimes) but I’m not a chef. )

I can’t put my head under, I’m not very good at any stroke and the idea of not being able to touch the bottom of where I’m swimming scares me.

My worst kind of death would be drowning or being in a fire.

But I love the water. It makes me feel free, it takes away most of my little niggles, I feel less anxious (unless as we’ve stated I can’t touch the bottom)

But I swim in a style that can only be described as how Phoebe (from friends) runs.

It’s a little carefree & uncoordinated.

But I’m moving my body and relaxing my mind so that’s all that matters

So if you have a favourite thing do it without a care.

As the saying goes

“Dance like nobody is watching Sing like no one is listening’

Be more Phoebe.

Nina x