Travels with Twins – Forest Holiday’s

This past week we were given the opportunity to spend a couple of days at one of the Forest Holiday Parks in Norfolk. Thorpe Forest is close to the little town of Thetford where we stopped off at the 24 Hour Tesco’s for BBQ food – Yes I said BBQ I think it may be a record for us for the first BBQ of the year!


There is a shop on site and they do sell BBQ packs however it being January there isn’t as much choice.

The kids were very excited to be going to the log cabin especially when we told them they could go in the Hot Tub!

We pulled up to the cabin and had a look around.

This particular cabin had three bedrooms but there are cabins up to 4 bedrooms.

There is no need to take bedding and towels as they are provided.

The best thing about staying in these woodland retreats at this time of year is the log fires. It great to have a walk in the forest then come back to a roaring log fire.

There are logs for sale on site, however they can be expensive.

If you don’t want to light the fire the heating is quite adequate to keep you warm.

The first thing we do when we arrive as usual is flick the kettle on, the kids unpack and put their swimming costumes on.

Once we’ve had a soak in the hot tub, we take a shower and start preparing food for our BBQ.  No need to lay the table as it was already set out for us on our arrival.

This kind of getaway really allows time for us to reset. I turned off my phone. The kids spent time playing catch and looking for wildlife. There was a deer that came to visit in the morning but my dad’s dog chased it off.  There was also a squirrel that came right up on the balcony jumped onto the lid of the hot tub then scooted along the fence and up the tree.

In the evening Hubby went in the hot tub with the kids again while I sat and read my magazine with a cuppa, and some snacks.

The woodland Cabins really are very cosy at this time of year with lamps and low lighting and lovely autumn colours.

About 10pm we gave the babies one last feed and put them in bed. We tried to get the big two to sleep and you would think with all the fresh air from the forest they would have been tired but they were just too excited.

The next morning we woke to the kids asking if they could go in the hot tub again!

Once the babies had been fed the kids and I had a little soak while my dad prepared late breakfast.

It was almost lunchtime by the time we had all come in and had showers.

Time doesn’t really matter when you are on a break like this. there are no set rules, no worries, Its great.

When you are ready to take off your jammers and get dressed you can head over to the bar /Cafe for a meal, or just a drink. There are activities that the kids and yourself can get involved in from geocaching to pottery painting which is what we did.

We only had one night at Thorpe forest but has totally wet our appetite for another forest holiday. We would normally spend our holidays in Lanzarote however now with two kids and two babies in tow I’m not sure that we will be going as often so little breaks in the UK will probably be amongst our adventures this year.


Nina x