Its Just Too Much

A couple of years ago during half term we put up decorations for halloween we went to a halloween party and decorated halloween themed pots then we threw our own halloween party then back to school on Monday fully halloweened out but we still had trick or treat to do! I wasn’t really bothered but the kids were excited!


I love the idea the actual going out, getting dressed up & the kids enjoying the feel of it!

Sometimes though it seemed too much! Halloween is catching up with Christmas the events, the parties, the decorations. before we know it we will be planning Halloween in June like we plan Christmas in July!

And don’t get me started on the sweets and the cries of just one more house. No kids i cant feel my fingers I’m Freezing!

Christmas is just around the corner and if they ate one sweet a day until Xmas day they would still have too many left! and they are bound to get more for xmas!

Over the years we have spent a lot on decorating and entertaining. We now need to find somewhere to put it all until each year – Another corner of the loft taken up by decorations that only come out once a year and are no doubt going to be added to as new decorations will go on sale in aug and we will see new things. Only remembering after we have done our halloween haul what we had in the loft from last year!

In the news a couple of years ago there was reports of people getting to wrapped up in scaring people. Costumes that are targeted at our children are like something from a horror movie! That seems to have calmed down this year however Scary masks still seem to be the in thing!

Its just getting a bit too much.

But along with the decorations by the summer I will have forgotten all about how overwhelmed I am by Halloween and end up planning a full week of events!



Right now its time for Christmas – There isn’t ever too much Christmas

Nina x

*This post was first published November 2016 and has since been reedited and made more up to date for this year!