International Day Of Happiness & Mental Health

Living with a mental illness doesn’t mean I can’t find moments of happiness

It doesn’t mean that sometimes I can’t have happy days.

It just means I have to try harder to create happy moments.

As today is international day of happiness I thought I would list some of the things that I’m currently doing to stay on the right side of my mental illness.

  1. My most important one is swimming.  I wrote a post just a couple of days ago about how swimming is my most favourite thing.
  2. Walking – I’ve never really been one for exercise but my 20 min walks 3 times a week are now a habit and a little bit of addition. Its not just the walk that does me good but also the fresh air. Which leads me to number 3.
  3. Fresh Air – I’ve written a couple of times over on instagram how I think Im literally addicted to fresh air. I love to be outdoors I love the windows open and fresh air blowing in. – This is much better when its warmer weather but even when its cold I like to wrap up warm and get outside.
  4. Talking – I talk to anyone In fact I think I’m a bit of an over sharer I have been know to discuss a whole host of my issues on instagram, in the coffee shop and at the school gate. But its good to talk, right?
  5. Coffee Time – I often feel lonely and need someone to talk to. One of the best things I find to do is nip for a coffee sometimes with the little ones sometimes on my own. But I have made friends in my local coffee shop now and often have a chat with them while I’m getting my coffee.
  6. Vitamins – If or even when I forget to take my vitamins I can really tell in my mood. Those little vitamins are essential for me. They play a really big part in my wellbeing.
  7. Creativity – I’m actually in the middle of a post about the benefits of creativity and mental health but In short the process of creating rather than the finish project is what brings me most joy. I have found that when I take my time over things I’m creating It also turns out better.
  8. Family Time – Spencer’s ARC Daddy works away quite a bit so we don’t really get much quality time in the week. But at a weekend I love to have a plan so that we don’t waste our time together even if that plan  a movie and a picnic in our cinema room (Its not that posh just a converted summer house)
  9. A cuppa – I’m British enough said?
  10. Intervention – Which rounds up everything from HRT to my therapy that is coming up. Obviously these aren’t having much of an impact at the moment as I’ve really only just started the HRT and not yet been to a therapy session but they are things that will contribute in a positive way (I hope) to my overall mood! – So if your mood is so low your struggling to manage please go and seek some intervention. I struggled on and struggled on for ages. But now Im turning a corner because I have held up my hand and said I can not cope alone with just the things listed. But goodness knows how low I would be if I didn’t do any of them!

I hope this gives you some positive motivation.

Remember you are not alone if you feel like you need to talk to someone there are some great online places out there including the Channel Mum Facebook Page. Or consult your doctor!

Nina x