Hotel Football – Squad Room, Class of 92 Room & Cafe Football Review.

We’ve become a bit football mad. We confessed not long ago of not being Football fans other than watching the odd England game. Now we are having a family hotel stay at Hotel Football.

We were asked along to the Lovely Hotel Football to review their family friendly Squad room along side The Class of 92 room which is a must for Manchester United Fans.

Room For 6?

I have to say we don’t tend to book many hotels its hard to find ones that can accommodate all 6 of us in rooms next to one another.

But as me and Spencer’s ARC Daddy had stayed at this hotel before when we attended a blogger conference and loved it we thought we would give it another go as a family.

Arriving at the hotel late due to a baby illness on the way we explained that we had a table booked in the Cafe football. They are such an accommodating team. They told us not to worry they would let us settle in and move our booking a half an hour.

The staff on reception and throughout the hotel and Cafe Football are so friendly and helpful. You really don’t feel like anything is a chore. They are very accommodating too.

Squad Room

Our first room The Squad room located on floor 8 just one floor below “heaven”. Heaven is The roof top pitch where the hotels Football Camp is held .The room has amazing views from the two massive windows. One over looking the city lights and one over looking the Old Trafford Stadium.

Arriving in the room the kids got so excited by the subtle football theming. The goal and ball feature wall. The wallpaper on the way to the room that Looks like old football cards with players on.

Mini Bar

When we stayed here previously I was amazed by the Free mini Bar. Yes free and like no other mini bar Its stocked with old favourites like club biscuits, vimto, picked onion space raiders and more besides. They even tell you at reception that even if you don’t eat it during your stay. Just take it with you. It’s free!

On top of the Free mini bar this time the room had two packs of Top trumps cards and a pack of mini chocolate footballs for each of the big kids. The kids spent no time at all eating the chocolate footballs. And ripping open the top trumps cards.

There is also the standard tea and coffee facilities and all of this is within the price of the room.


Climbing into Bed after a long day exploring or in our case driving up to Manchester was like a dream apart from the buzzing from the air conditioning unit from the room next door which luckily we were also reviewing due to the size of our family. The buzz was easily rectified by turning off the air-con. I have to say the buzzing didn’t affect anyone else in our room just me as I have tinnitus and it interfered with my own buzzing ears.


I just love comfy hotel pillows and duvets I never seem to be able to buy the same quality for our bed. The ones at hotel football do not disappoint. And they don’t skimp either there are four pillows on the bed so you’re not having to fold them over and over like in some hotels I’ve stayed in the past. To be honest I could have stayed there all day long!


Sometimes when staying away from home even if the room is advertised as having a cot available it doesn’t mean it fits in the room very well but the room here is so spacious. We managed even to bring in the other cot from the other room so that we could all sleep together.

They even provided an extra cot Mattress and sheets which a lot of places ask you to bring along with you.


Time For A Wash

In most hotel bathrooms there is just a shower, at Hotel Football there is a shower and a bath. The shower is very spacious and you could probably fit the whole family in there. There is no clingy shower curtain its a wet room style shower.

All of the bathroom products are in the style of football shirts bring the whole football theme in with the room.

Squad rooms can be booked as part of a Stay and play package when signing up for the Half Term Football Camp.

Class Of 92 Room

When you arrive at your room you will see there is something different from the other rooms as the Class of 92 rooms have an identifying red number instead of the white that other rooms in the hotel have.

Entering the room you will see signed football shirts and framed signed poster as well as quotes around the room.

In the Class Of 92 room the Complimentary Mini Bar is stocked with the usual sweets and crisps as well as the hotels very own Hotel Football Beer. Which I have to say went down well with Spencer’s ARC Daddy.

This room had been split into twin beds and then the cot for a baby but as I said we managed to fit it into the other room. Even divided like this the room still felt spacious.

In both rooms there is plenty of work spaces if you do have to do a bit of work during your stay.

If you are there for the football then don’t worry the smart TV has complimentary sports channels as well as all the usual channels if you would rather watch the soaps.

Cafe Football

You can book a table at Cafe Football during your stay. We had booked for when we arrived and as I’ve said we were late due to a poorly baby. Spencer’s ARC Daddy ended up staying in the room with the little twins while me and the big twins went for dinner.


Both Jake & Melody chose meatballs and spaghetti from the Children’s menu. (Children’s meals are a set price for their main meal, dessert and soft drinks)

Now in hindsight I should have chosen for the fussy little critters as although when I tried the dinner found it nothing but delicious the meatballs were quite spicy and the food was full of flavour. Which most would find delicious. But my kids are on a beige diet at the moment. A better choice would probably have been nuggets, and chips! Which I’m sure would have been equally delicious.

Let me tell you they had no trouble polishing off the ice-cream.

I on the other hand went for vegetable pie with chips and four cheese sauce. With a side of garlic bread. I had no trouble eating up this delicious meal. It was just the right sized portion too.

I opted for a sweetie pic n mix for pudding that I took back to the room to share.

We also had breakfast with our stay and breakfast consisted of continental and or cooked options. As well as obviously tea and coffee or juice! The breakfast didn’t disappoint.


Room Service

When I ordered our meals I also ordered Spencer’s ARC Daddy his to be delivered to the room.

He opted for fish n chips which he said was delicious and when we arrived back in the room there was only an empty plate for evidence of that.


When we stayed last we caught the train and then a taxi from the station. I think we could have actually got on a tram but as par usual we were in a time scale and running late.


This time we drove. There is a dedicated hotel car park which is a set price of £5 overnight. It is a first come first served basis.


All in all our Family stay at Hotel Football was brilliant. The whole hotel still feels new and fresh. It’s super clean and tidy and just has a lovely feel about the place.

The kids found it super exciting and we have already booked again for the BlogOn conference in may next year.

Thank you Hotel Football and Cafe Football for this amazing opportunity to review your rooms with our squad!

To book or for more information you can email

Although we received a family hotel stay at hotel football and meal at the hotel in exchange for a review all opinions are my own and as always I only work with companies and brands who fit with our family’s ethics and lifestyle.

Nina x