Human Design – This is My Journey

Have you ever felt like you were constantly jumping from one thing to another, only to be criticized for it? That’s been my story too, until I stumbled upon something that felt like my true life purpose. In my 40s, I finally found my calling, and it all started with meeting Jules & Claire from Space and Freedom, who introduced me to Human Design. Imagine a blend of personality tests, astrology, and genetics all mixed together to create a unique manual for your life. This is the story of my journey with Human Design, a journey that’s helping me understand my strengths, quirks, and the path that’s shaping my future.”

Imagine if personality tests, astrology, and genetics came together in one mixing pot. – that’s pretty much Human Design. It’s like the universe’s personalised manual for you, giving insights into your strengths, quirks, and how you can rock this journey called life.

Picture this: your birth information – the time, date, and place you popped into this world – gets mixed in the mixing bowl of life. The result? A unique Human Design chart, a cool blend of energy centres, gates, channels, and types that reveal the YOU’est you!

So what does my blue blueprint look like?

Well, I’m a manifesting generator 1/3. which may mean nothing to you. But it’s a unique blend that’s shaping my future journey and has shaped my journey up until now.

There are 12 possibilities of the human design numbers mine is 1/3 we all have our own blend. This is what 1/3 means for me.

1: I’ve got this incredible thirst for knowledge and truth – curiosity is practically my middle name. Imagine having an internal detective, always piecing together the puzzle of life’s mysteries. I thrive on gathering insights and sharing them, helping bridge those gaps in understanding. That’s why I love Tv shows like Bones, CSI and other retro “who done its”. And why I hate Magic – I just need to figure out how it’s done!

3: I’m the bold pioneer, a trailblazer who dives headfirst into the unknown, fueled by the quest for discovery. Yep, I’m no bystander; I’m all about participating fully in life’s grand experiment. Sure, there might be a few bumps along the way, but my willingness to embrace the imperfectly chaotic is my superpower.

There are 5 design types, Mine is a manifesting generator.

Being a Mani Geni (Manifesting Generator) is like having a turbocharged engine – I’ve got the energy to spark things into motion and keep them flowing. Multitasking? Oh, I’ve got that covered. My enthusiasm is like cosmic fuel, driving me to tackle multiple projects at once. No wonder I can have the tv on while scrolling my phone and drinking tea!

My human design means I’m great at trailblazing and helping others start their journey. This is probably why I am so lit up by the work of helping busy mums get out of the overwhelm, and take the next steps into the life they truly want to live.

Learning more about Human Design, mine and the kids has really helped me to parent better. As I now understand how they tick too. It shows me how they learn, how they take in information and how they like to eat. Ok, It can’t tell me that even though they loved lasagne last week they are not going to like it this week. Though it would be nice to have that heads up. But I know now that maybe they are not here for big meals, or 3 meals a day they are designed to graze through the day.

Still on a journey

I’m still in the process of fully embodying my Human Design and exploring its depths. Learning more about my 1/3 profile has so far been a journey of self-discovery and growth. As I navigate the chaos of life, I’m finding ways to align my actions with my design, embracing both my investigator spirit and my pioneer heart.

Let’s keep exploring, and keep manifesting!

If you want to know about your human design head on over to see my friends Jules and Claire at Space & Freedom

They have a whole host of knowledge on the subject.

Tell them I sent you and I’m sure they will guide you in the right direction.

You can grab your Human design Chart here. ( use the code 75OFF for a introductory price of £111)

Nina x