Screen Free Weekends –

A couple of weeks ago my family and I stayed at Finca de arrieta In Lanzarote.

While we were there I shut down my phone and any form of tech, Other than my camera – I’m a blogger after all, I can’t very well not take pictures.

It was great spending the weekend “offline” I was able to connect better with my children, I wasn’t bothered by news, and I was able to take in the beautiful surroundings.

It seems we have become a society or even a world where having a phone or tablet in our hands is the norm. From sitting at home to passing time on a flight even while we are walking down the street Think Pokémon Go.


It’s not just the younger generation that is screen obsessed either – both my mum who can’t go half an hour with out her phone and my In-laws who’s house rules used to be no screens while you’re visiting – otherwise what’s the point of visiting. It’s a different story now however with candy crush being the game we play as a family replacing the old favorites like monopoly & snakes & ladders.

My mother in-law it seems has even started catching Pokémon


I am also screen obsessed Maybe even as far as addicted. I am often telling the children ‘just one more min while I scroll down my Instagram feed or message friends.

In a bid to gain back some control over the screens and give myself that feeling I had back at Finca de Arrieta, I am launching screen free weekends.

I know if I say no screens over the whole weekend we are bound to fail. So my plan is to limit our screen time throughout the weekend.