5 simple quick fixes – Wellbeing Wednesday.

Welcome back to week 2 of Wellbeing Wednesday. The idea behind this collection of content is for us all to take charge of our own wellbeing. I’m hoping this content gives you a little boost each week and inspires you to try something new. This week is all about a quick fix for wellbeing

Wellbeing Quick Fix

Today is all about a quick fix. This time of year really can be the darkest for me with my mental health. It’s like I’m in a lull. Christmas has gone and summer seems way off. But trying these simple quick fixes really can give me a little boost.

Obviously mental Health issues are not fixed in a flash. These tips are aimed at just giving a little wellbeing boost. If you or someone you know is suffering with Mental health problems scroll to the bottom of this post.

5 Simple Quick Fixes

  1. Fresh Air – Getting outside is always at the top of my list. I always feel so much better if I’ve had at least 10 mins outside in the fresh air.
  2. Cuppa – I’m a total teaoholic. I’m also a hoarder of mugs. There is just something about a nice chunky mug with some warm tea that makes me happy. This quick fix should be savoured though. Sit down curl your legs on the sofa and really take time to appreciate that cuppa. You could even combine tip one and head outside with your brew. The cool air will certainly make you appreciate that warm mug of tea then.
  3. Bath time – I’m a fire sign and I’m drawn to water it calms me down, boosts my creativity and helps clear my head. I love to swim and spend time by the sea but sometimes they are not always within reach. A bath is a great quick alternative. A nice hot bath, a smelly candle, a cuppa or a glass of (non alcoholic) fizz along with some nice music or something good to read or watch.
  4. Get Moving. – Exercise doesn’t always have to mean heading out on a run or going to the gym. Sometimes all you need is a supportive bra and some good tunes while cleaning. Having a little dance while cleaning the kitchen really can boost those endorphins.
  5. Journal – This could be a gratitude journal, doodling, planning or writing down your thoughts of the day. Journalling is a great wellbeing booster. You don’t have to make instagram perfect pages either. You can use journal prompts from google or list your favourite netflix films, foods that you love or just plan your perfect day.

Over To You

I hope some of these tips give you a little boost. I’d love for you to tag me in your Wellbeing Wednesday posts on instagram to find out what your doing to boost your wellbeing.

Nina x

If You Or Someone You Know is Struggling with Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health I would always recommend consulting a doctor. There are organisations out there that can help in times of crisis.