Meet The Spencers

Hello and welcome to the blog.

This is a place where you will find my day to day ramblings, thoughts from my head, adventures that we take and tips that might help you if your feeling stuck.


Hi,  I’m Nina. aka The Chaotic Mum

I’m the author of the posts on here. Id love for you to grab a cuppa and join us on our adventures.

I suffer from anxiety (Mainly health anxiety) sometimes coupled with depression which is worse in the winter.

In august 2017 I found out I had Placenta Percreta a rare but life threatening pregnancy complication I was pregnant with our second set of twins at the time and already 35 weeks pregnant. It was a scary time in our life and have vowed since then to live a better and more appreciative life.

I’m a stay at home Mum and wife to this lot below!

IMG_5026.jpg This is Chris AKA Spencer’s ARC Daddy.

Chris works a-lot, He works in something to do with wifi, security and computers in that there London.

He often travels abroad for his work and talks at big conferences.

He relaxes by playing pokemon go and minecraft with the big twins!


This Is Cameron, Chris’s Son, My StepSon. AKA Spencer’s ARC Ginger

Cameron is the reason for me starting my YouTube channel We had a bet on who would gain the most followers if we both set a channel up (He once said that what he wanted to do as a career)

He still isn’t a YouTuber and is now working towards some kind of diploma in computing!

631021FF-BDDE-4113-9774-A6BC392A712C.JPGThis is Jake & Melody AKA The Xmas Twins

They Were born in December 2011 after 5 years of waiting and finally a round of fertility drugs.


This is Jake One half of the Xmas Twins.

He is quite a sensitive soul. He is quite cautious. Maybe becouse when he was a baby / toddler he was in A&E more times that I would have liked!

He love his Kindle fire and is often on Minecraft building things he has seen on YouTube.

He loves his lego and from being a baby he has always played with small world people.

CE8F2A8F-EAD8-4349-9097-190559F8AC0D.JPGThis Is Melody (Mels)

She is a tough cookie and has lots of spirit. She often pushes everyones buttons the wrong way however most of it come from frustration.

She loves to snuggle in my bed while waiting for her daddy to come home from work.

She’s very creative and is often found with colouring. in her bag.

EBBE338A-8E5A-4E5D-ABF3-325A556E87AD.JPGThis is Mason & Jessica AKA The Summer Twins.

After a couple of months saying lets see what happens trying for one more and a round of baileys on our wedding anniversary  These two came along.

Im not going to lie its been hard work having two again. But they have made our family complete. I mean I couldn’t imagine another set of twins again. Besides these two, well, their placenta ruined  my uterus so theres now no chance of any more joining our family.*

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