And Just Like That It Was March…… Word Of The Month

February has been and gone in the blink of an eye.

The word for February was Recover – Recover from my gallbladder op, All the kids recovery from chicken pox.

I did do a little too much to soon during February lifting the babies before I was really ready. Im now 4 and half weeks post op and I think im well on the road to recovery, My stomach muscles are still a little sore as is my cut on my bra line however I think I’m through the worst.

On to March

The word of the month for March is going to be Planning.

This month I have lots of exciting things i need to plan for.

  • Planning for my blog – I have lots of ideas  for posts but I need to email brands, do some work to improve my engagement, and work out which way I am going with it in the future.
  • Planning for getting back in front of the camera – I really want to get back into vlogging and making videos, I took a break while I was pregnant and now dont seem to have the confidence to star up again.
  • Planing for Home educating – Yup. I’m going to be taking the kids out of school so we can explore the world around us a little and visit different places.
  • Planning some road trips – We have a few trips planned already but want to get some more road trips planned now we have a bigger car & more time out of term time to travel.
  • Planning new home schedules – Now I am feeling better the house needs to get into some sort of order creating schedules helps me to fit everything in.
  • Planning a christening  or two maybe? – I suppose I better get the Summer Twins christened. Lets get on Pinterest and get planning!


So as you can see lots of planning to be done. lets get cracking

Nina x


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