Anxiety, major events, what now?

There are some days that you just remember like yesterday.

I mean the news of lockdown pretty much was yesterday  

One is the morning that news broke of Diana’s death – my friend and I had been out the night before and stayed at another friends house overnight. We woke to the news. “Diana Princess of Wales has been killed in a horrific car accident.”

We were a little in shock were we still drunk. – no. Unfortunately, the news was true. Those boys left without a mother. They were only young. Just a little younger than myself.

The other is when the planes hit the twin towers of New York. – The trade centre towers. As usual, my mum and I had been arguing, I’m not sure what this was about but I ended up leaving in a bad mood and went to my aunts. When we arrived my uncle had the tv on with the news that shook the world. A plane has struck one of the towers. And right there in front of our eyes as the report broke another plane struck the other tower!


As a mum you worry about the fragility of life.

News like this once I’d had children would fuel  my anxiety and I’d end up worrying for days.

My husband used to travel  the world with his work and when he’s wasn’t  travelling he would be in London. Thankfully now since the pandemic his permanently working from home. We have four children together and I think when you become a mother you worry about the fragility of life More than Ever. 

Thank goodness now though I have a myriad of  tools and strategies in my wellbeing toolbox to get me through tough days.

So what do we do?

What do we do?

Sit in fear, frozen by panic, unable to live in the moment?

Ignore whats happening because its so far away?


We acknowledge what is happening, stand beside our alias, we pray, we keep faith, we remember those lost, we carry on living.

Stay away from the news feeds, stay off social media, or only follow those that bring joy to you. we look for the helpers, because there is always helpers, we answer our children’s questions in an age appropriate way.
We send support where we can.

We allow emotions in but also let them back out.

What we don’t do is sit in fear!

Plan for life after the turmoil, have babies, cuddle our loved ones, play, laugh, cry.

Because Living in fear is not an option.

We take time to remember those affected by such tragic times we remember on anniversaries but we live the rest of the time. We can’t live in fear. We strive to be strong for those left behind. We help each other make a better world.

To those gone. Thankyou for the memories.

To those grieving. Tomorrow is a new day and you will get stronger.

To the rest of us. Smile, help, love, & be grateful.

Nina x


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