August Word Of The Month.

July Update.

July was so amazingly busy I decided to give the update it’s own post.

So head over to yesterdays post but don’t forget to come back and see my plans for August.

August Word Of The Month


If I’ve learnt something over the past year it’s that my world needs less stress, less clutter, just well less. I really need to simplify life.

This means decluttering the house living a more simple existence. – Not getting wrapped up in the face paced world. The one where I’m trying to keep up with the Jones with a top of the range car, or the tropical getaway.

Making more time in my day for being present in our family’s life.

This summer holidays I’ve been trying to not over complicate our days. Just planning cheap, fun activities. Like trips to play groups, taking advantage of our national trust membership. (There are some great play parks in the national trust grounds. And you can’t beat an afternoon tea while the babies nap and the kids are eating ice creams.)

So that is my word for August. Simplify.

What’s on your list for August?

Hit me with ways I can simplify our life!

Nina x

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