Crisis Point, Identifying Areas of stress.

Over on Instagram last week I said that our home had reached crisis point.

I just wanted to elaborate a little and make some plans to fix it.

I feel like certain parts of our life are getting out of control and I think it’s affecting us all.

I know my wellbeing is suffering.

Things need fixing before it gets to the point of no return.

I thought if I say my plans out loud here it will make me more accountable.

There are a few areas of our life that need some attention.

I’m going to split them in to categories to make it a little easier for me to deal with.




So this I think is by far the biggest thing that we struggle with and that causes the most arguments!

I dont want to become a minimalist as I do enjoy stuff and I enjoy shopping (What women doesn’t!)I just need to minimise what we have. There is that old saying if it isn’t useful or beautiful get rid if it! This needs to be adopted more into our house.


Writing down all the different areas that really need decluttering. And working out which ones are high up on the list of places that stress me out! The places in use and every time I curse because I can’t find something.

Organisation & cleaning.


To follow up from decluttering,  I need to a better way to be organised. Paperwork, clothes, toys etc. Although we have great storage in our play room we never seem to tidy properly.


The plan is to create a better schedule so that organisational jobs get done throughout each day!

Fitness & Health


Since having my gallbladder out it was like I was given free reign of food again. so I’ve slipped back into old habits of eating processed rubbish, take outs and too much naughty stuff in general. This has not only made me put weight back on but its affecting my mood and is contributing to my fatigue!


So in July its my 38th Birthday which means I’m only 2 years away from hitting 40. My plan is to get #fitfor40 . I have spoken to my doctor who is helping me to see what areas i need to change. I obviously know what I need to start with so creating healthy meal plans for each month, and making sure I am active each day are on my to do list.



Money is not something anyone every talks about. I really think this doesn’t help when it comes to getting in debt.

We as a family have debt, just like alot of people however they never seem to shift. for too long we have just moved our money around and around, we dont have an emergency budget and live pay date to pay date.


We need to get our head out of the sand and start budgeting. We need to take hold of what we earn and pay off those niggling little debts.

Home School


I feel like I’m failing and unorganised. Im living week to week with no real learning goals or plans.


Although I know I need to chill out a little when it come to how much the kids need to learn I also know that we need to tackle certain things especially when it comes to Jake. So I want to create some kind of learning plan. Setting different tasks up maybe each month. and

Being a couple


The littlest twins are now 8 Month but they are still in our room and they are still having moment where they need settling through the night. This coupled with the fact that most of our time lately has been focused on my health issues and raising two sets of twins means that arguments have crept up, date nights have pretty much been non existent.


We need to fit in dates more often. Even if that just means a coffee one morning at the coffee shop – (No Phones) Or an afternoon at the cinema.


They are some of the areas I need to work on. One other big issue is the kids behaviour. The past few days have been horrendous. I haven’t  got the energy to talk about it here It has to be its own crisis category suffice to say there are issues with going to bed, jealousy issues with the babies, sibling fighting with each other.


Please feel free to offer me any tips on the above categories. I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

Nina xx


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