Dear Ant & Dec, I nearly died.

Dear Ant & Dec,

I want to say What a huge fan I am of the Ant & Decs and itv’s Saturday Night Takeaway and how we never miss an episode.

However, we are a busy household with 4.5 kids. So when a rare opportunity arises to go out on a Saturday night. We take it.

That said we are huge fans of the show and try to watch on catch up if we miss an episode even if we only have time to watch who the guest announcer is and what antics you are going to get up to on the end of the show, show.

But we also have to watch the happiest minute of the week. Most of the time this has me in tears due to the reasons why people deserve “a place on the plane”

Any I want to tell you why myself and my family deserve

“a place on the plane”

Last year I was pregnant with our second set of twins which in its self was a huge shock. I suffered throughout the pregnancy with sickness & pain.

The pain being so severe I ended up cancelling a trip to Disneyland Paris for my family.

Then I was told I was a walking time bomb and didn’t even know it.

I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening pregnancy complication.

Thankfully I came through and the 30+ strong team at Jessops Sheffield saved my life. And the life of my new twins.

Not knowing about the complication or the months of recovery from not only this op but 2 more after this I had booked a New Years holiday which we also had to cancel as I just wasn’t well enough.

This I why I deserve “a place on the plane”

My husband who often works away dropped in that he has to fly off to Orlando in June to do some work at Disney.

I would love to take my family to see Disney and to stay in Orlando but at the moment we just can’t afford a trip like that with 2 sets of twins, a stepson and myself & hubby.

So this would be the only way we could go at the moment.

Please let us have “a place on the plane”

Nina. Xx


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