Every Clouds have a silver lining

We have been in lockdown now for just over 6 weeks. In that time it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Hasn’t it? Over the time I have been trying to keep on top of my wellbeing by creating a routine, making plans, getting some me time once in a while and by writing a gratitude journal.

Writing a Gratitude journal really helps my mind. Just thinking about all the things I am grateful for in my day is a real boost. I have seen such a big shift in my mental health from doing this simple thing each day.

I knew when Emma (Emma and 3) Tagged me in the silver linings post I had to join in.

Unlike Emma I have in the past often overlooked the positive side of life especially when testing times hit home. However Over the past couple of years Since having our second set of twins I have really appreciated more in the every day.

Silver Linings

  1. Online Events – I love attending events, learning new things, gaining knowledge of a subjects that I am passionate about. I usually have to rely on my Mum to have the kids when i head out to these events. As we are all staying home the amount of online events have really increased loads and its great to be able to attend these while Im doing the ironing or while sat in the hot tub.
  2. Games – We have found a love of playing games before bed. I bought Uno from amazon last week and its given us some really good moments to bond as a family. Putting down our screens and focusing on each other.
  3. Daddy’s Home – We have never had so much time together. Chris (Spencer’s ARC Daddy) has been working form home since February. It has been great having him home to help during bedtime hour and at meal times. Its great for the kids to have some time to connect with him again.
  4. Learning – We dipped our toes into home education a while ago but we ended up heading back to school as it just felt too stressful. Right now though although sometimes still stressful its been good to sit with the big kids and learn their school work with them. Ive never been that great at maths. I mean I get by but Ive really learnt different ways to work things out.
  5. Simple Slow Living – I’ve have been wanting a slower, more simple pace of life for ages now. I believe living more simply really helps with a positive wellbeing. With nowhere to rush to and no deadlines there is no other way to live at the moment.

Can you find some sliver linings to how lockdown life looks for you?

I am tagging anyone who wants to join in.

Either leave your silver linings in the comments or link in your own blog post.

Lets get sharing the things we are grateful for.

Nina x


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