Family Good Times with McDonalds #AD

Recently we attended a McDonald’s Family Fun Event.

The event was one of many happening around the country over the next couple of months.


As well as obviously having our dinner there (A Happy Meal and a very lovely Chicken wrap)

We also sampled some of the what’s on offer at the Family Fun Days.

I think we are all guilty of letting the kids entertain themselves sometimes, especially when we are out for a meal.

McDonald’s Is helping to bring family good times back in restaurants around the country with their Family Fun Days.

During the event we played board games like snakes and ladders and noughts and crosses.

Our phones were left in our bags and we really connected as a family during the event.

After board games and food the kids had their faces painted and arm tattoos by none other than Stacey Solomon who was there promoting the event.


Other activities at these events are colouring and card games like who am I – Where you wear a headband and take turns to guess what character you are.

There was also a game that the kids can take part in where the kids ask parents questions that can really embarrass us parents!

There is so much fun to be had at these events and they are all free!

If you are looking for some free family fun during the holidays and weekends head over  the McDonald’s Family Fun Event finder  on their website to see what events are happening near you!


Nina x

*Stacey Solomon will not be at other events she was just there to promote.

*This Is a paid promotion although thoughts and review is all my own


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