Festival Vibes At Home Inspiration and ideas for your own at home festival

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The festival season is upon us except there are no actual festivals happening due to the current pandemic. There are however several music events and camping festivals happening online. But how can we get those Festival Vibes At Home?

Festival at home

Festival Vibes At Home Inspiration and ideas for your own at home festival

Decorations to get that festival vibe

Decorating your space ready for your stay at home festival can really create that happy atmosphere and get you in the mood for your festival. There are many ways to decorate your space including:

  • Bunting
  • Banners
  • Pom Pom’s
  • Tassels
  • Flower garland
  • Lights
  • Bubble Machine.
  • Flower lettering
  • And more..

To add to the festival feeling I even made some wristbands just like you would get at a festival. I used canva to create them and then printed and laminated them so we could keep them afterwards in a scrapbook!


You cant have a festival without having a playlist loaded up and ready to go. We often use Spotify to create playlists for our events and parties.

There are many festival playlists already on Spotify but we have an eclectic mix of music tastes so we created our own. Its your festival so make it your own ask the kids for input too they will love picking songs for you all to dance to!


Activities could be as simple as having a kitchen disco to a full on weekend camping set up in the garden. Here are some ideas for some inspiration.

  • Camp in the garden Put up the tent grab a few blankets and create a festival little retreat on your lawn.
  • Fire Pit S’mores / Toasted marshmallows – Is there anything better than sitting out toasting marshmallows on the fire pit or BBQ?
  • Midnight Movies – Grab yourself a white sheet or screen and a portable projector and create a little outdoor movie theatre to enjoy some classic movies after sundown.
  • Hot Tub Glow Stick party – Wait until the sun goes down and through a few glow sticks in the hot tub or pool. My kids really enjoyed this. we put some chilled out music on too to create a fun activity for them.
  • Flower Crowns – This is such a nice activity to do. grab a cheap bunch of flowers or pick some of your own form you garden. Add some florist tape and wire. then you can just tape your flowers to your crown. So Simple looks amazing for your festival at home event though.
  • Kitchen Disco – We invited our friends to join us for a kitchen disco via zoom. we all picked a few tracks each for our play list and we danced together in our kitchens together yet apart. It was one of the best nights. Of course you don’t have to invite anyone else if you don’t want to be sure to get dressed up for your disco you could even add some sparkle to your outfit by adding some face glitter.


Festival at home food doesn’t have to be all about dirty burgers and cheesy fries though they are a great place to start.

Camp breakfast- Bacon sandwich, campfire breakfast casserole , Pancakes.

Camp Lunch – Picnics, bbq,

Dinner – BBQ, Hotdogs, Pasties, Pizza,

Snacks – S’mores, Tuckshop sweets, Popcorn (For Movie nights),

Online Festival

There have been a bunch of online festivals popping up during the pandemic with activities such as camp outs, craft lessons, talks, concerts and more. If you do a little search online (Youtube/ facebook) I bet you could find some things you could incorporate into your festival at home.

Festival Vibes At Home

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration for your mini at home festival. If you dont already follow us on Instagram I would love you to pop over and say hello. I am on there every day with our daily adventures.

Nina x



  1. 4th June 2020 / 18:59

    What a wonderful idea! The kids look like they’re having lots of fun x

    • Nina
      5th June 2020 / 13:08

      It was such a good weekend Thank you xx

  2. 9th June 2020 / 16:08

    What an amazing idea! I’d love to try an at home festival, yours looked like so much fun! xo

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:18

      We all loved it. Its such a simple thing to recreate really xx

  3. 9th June 2020 / 16:12

    I shared a similar post recently, we had a mini indoor festival as we don’t have a garden. We’ll miss our festivals this summer but the kids enjoyed being indoors. Love the ideas here.

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:12

      Oh my gosh, your indoor tent looks amazing! Love it.
      Figers crossed back to the festivals next summer xx

  4. 9th June 2020 / 17:19

    How many cute fun ideas! My son is older, he is 26 years old, but I will translate your article for my sister-in-law, who has small children. I will definitely make them happy by giving them an unexpected festival.

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:14

      Thank you where is your sister in law from?
      It would be great to see how she adapts my ideas xx

  5. 9th June 2020 / 19:36

    I love it! I don’t think I’d ever have wanted the ‘festival’ to end!! It was probably cheaper than a ticket to Glastonbury too!

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:15

      No I know. We could have partied all week long! xx

  6. 9th June 2020 / 19:39

    This looks fab! Definitely going to try some of these ideas.

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:16

      Ah Thank you. simple things make the best ideas xx

  7. 10th June 2020 / 07:06

    I am loving all of the backyard festivals popping up at the moment! The best idea ever, and creating so many magical memories <3

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:17

      I know there are so many happening. Its such a fab idea xx

  8. 10th June 2020 / 11:44

    This looks like a load of fun! Hopefully we will get some more sunshine so you can recreate it again!

    • Nina
      10th June 2020 / 12:17

      Maybe I should plan an end of summer one hopefully we could invite friends by then! xx

  9. 10th June 2020 / 16:49

    Ah, so many easy ideas to get the whole family engaged! Thanks for sharing

    • Nina
      13th June 2020 / 14:20

      Thank you. Such simple things really but they make the best memories dont they? x

  10. 10th June 2020 / 17:28

    I saw this on Instagram and absolutely loved it! Such a fab idea

    • Nina
      13th June 2020 / 14:19

      Thanks. It was such a great weekend! x

  11. 11th June 2020 / 19:39

    Love this idea! And well needed at a time like this x

    • Nina
      13th June 2020 / 14:21

      I know! I think Ill do it again like an annual festival at home. Maybe with friends next time though!

  12. 14th June 2020 / 20:32

    Brilliant! Looks like a fantastic festival treat during lockdown. The kids faces are adorable, they looked like they loved it so much

    • Nina
      15th June 2020 / 13:51

      We had a brilliant time. x

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