Food Glorious Food – Slimming World & Body Positivity.

Food, glorious food!
We’re anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day —
Our favourite diet!

Oliver Lyrics

When you have kids every day you are anxious to be one step ahead of them especially when it come to food. Snack time, dinner time, what they are having for breakfast etc. The same applies to when you start dieting your day becomes about eating the right things at the right times and maybe even denying ourselves those delicious treats like crisps and cake.

But our relationships with food are much bigger than just our three meals a day. Well mine is anyway.

What do you think of if I say seaside trip?

For me I think Fish ‘n’ Chips, hot donuts, a stick of rock or some candy floss and obviously and ice cream.

  • Cinema trip – Popcorn, nachos, pic n mix.
  • Break time – Cuppa and a biscuit
  • Upset? – How about a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate?
  • Theatre trip – Well it has to be an an ice cream in the interval surley!
  • Nap time treat for mum – A couple of chocolates and a cuppa
  • Long walk in the fresh air – Hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fire to warm through afterwards.
  • Valentines day – Chocolates
  • Halloween – An abundance of sweets & Pumpkin pie!
  • Christmas – Well don’t even go there. From chocolate oranges & toblerone to mince pies and full roast dinner.

Its safe to say food is a big thing. So many connections some many temptations so many chances to fail when your on a diet.

Body Shame

I have never really been bothered by my body shape I mean I’ve always felt like I could stand to lose a few pounds and often felt bad that I couldn’t buy cool clothes as they didn’t go up to the 16/18 that I am. But my body shape has never really affected my mental health. I see posts ranting about the diet culture and I can see the point of these I really can. The damaging diet culture that is advertised outside schools. Making kids think that slim is the way to be.

I’m heading to 40 soon and to be honest I’m actually quite proud of my body. Yes Id still like to lose a few pound as I believe it would be more healthy for me in the long run. Being overweight can have terrible effects on joints and heart health. May be it due to me getting older or being proud of my body surviving some major health complications but I’m happy to a point with my body.

So if I’m happy with my body why Slimming World

In september 2019 I joined slimming world. I joined with my in laws they joined as my father in law had been told by his heart specialist he had to lose weight. I joined as snacking at nap time had become such a bad habit that I needed something to shake me up a little. I though joining a group would have more of an impact than me just trying to do it on my own.

I can see how to some diet groups like the one I attend can really give you an unhealthy attitude to food. I can see how young girls and boys could get swept along by being “slim” but for me it’s the right choice.

I’m not going to be posting about my Slimming world journey every week or how much I’ve lost as for me it’s much more than losing weight. It’s about having the support to change my attitude towards food. So when I say let’s go to the seaside the thoughts of fish ‘n’ chips and ice cream are replaced by building sand castles, skimming stones and arcade machines.

I may sometimes mention Slimming world and dieting terms here and on my social channels but I will also continue to be proud of my body how its grown babies two at a time. Proud because despite the serious health issues I’ve had I’m still here to tell the tale.

Nina x


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