Tips for Getting a Better Nights Sleep

Sometimes my sleep isn’t the best. I often Post on Instagram when Ive been awake through the night. I could get I often wake up ready for bed. I really want to start getting a better sleep.  Below are some tips for a better nights sleep. 

It’s hard to sleep well if you’re a mum to babies, or children that don’t sleep well but sleep is so important.

Your body repairs its self while you sleep. Especially important if you’re recovering from an operation.

When I’ve had a good nights sleep I feel like I can tackle anything.

To give myself a better chance of getting a decent night of sleep here are ways to give me a head start.

Sweet Dreams

Screen Time

This is a big one for me. My phone is the last thing I check at night and the first thing I do in a morning. Myself and hubby often fall asleep with sleep timer on the TV listening to some kind of sitcom. I really need to banish the phone from the side of my bed.

It is advised to give up the screen for at least an hour before bed. Instead I will try to read a book.

Decaf Tea

Often I opt for a decaf tea towards the end of the day. Full caffeine tea contributes to insomnia and reflux after a certain time. However I think opting for a naturally caffeine free tea like clipper Sleepy Tea or a green tea would help.


We’ve all heard people say “It will be all that fresh air” when a child nods off after a trip to the park or seaside. It seems regular stints outside can get your body into a better rhythm. Being outdoors in fresh air & sunlight regularly will help your body regulate melatonin. This will help you fall asleep more easily and help your body get in to better sleep cycles.

Eat Better

This doesn’t just mean eating healthy. This also means eating at least 2 hours before bed to enable food to digest before laying down. As a sufferer of reflux and indigestion in the past, laying down after a meal can cause all sorts of pain and discomfort. Touch wood since eating less fat I have had no symptoms lately.

Write It Down 

If my head is full of things to do It’s hard to fall asleep. Sometimes I have a note-book at the side of my bed to write thoughts, things to do, ideas, shopping lists. It helps to stop my brain whiring at night.


I started a habit a long time ago of doing yoga in a morning. Sometimes I would practice a little in the evening too. Once I was pregnant I fell out of the habit. I need to get back into it now. The videos I use are Yoga with Adriene bedtime sequence on YouTube.


We had our bedroom redecorated last year but still need to put some finishing touches to it to. I’d like to get some plants in there and a nice Cheval mirror. Making your bedroom an area that feels tidy, and clean helps you feel more relaxed and therefore sleep better.

Sleep when your tired 

This may sound obvious, but if you go to bed when your wide awake chances are you wont sleep. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep. When this happens I get up make a cuppa and sit in a different room so I don’t wake everyone else. Normally I would get out my phoe and check the world but I’m going to try to read if this happens to get myself back to sleep.

I am in no way a professional sleep therapist if you are struggling with insomnia I suggest you consult a professional or talk to your doctor. There may be an underlying reason for your insomnia.

Feel free to leave any more tips for a better nights sleep in the comments

Nina x

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