How to have a simple Summer (Finding calm within the CHAOS)

The Summer is upon us (unless you are reading this in March or October or something and in that case take the advice I give and use it to the best you can for the season you are in) and this may fill you with anxiety. Having to entertain the kids 24 hours a day for 6 whole weeks. But life does not have to be like that, I want you to enjoy a summer of memory-making and fulfilment with your kids as much as they do. So here is how to have a simple Summer (finding calm in the CHAOS)

Finding Calm In The CHAOS

As a mum of twins Twice, I have more kids than hands and that often brings a lot of CHAOS! I used to dread those 6 long weeks of summer, How am I going to entertain them for all that time? What are we going to eat?, how will I afford to take them to the places their friends are going? OH god, The snacks. e.t.c.

I’m going to get straight to it as I know how busy you are and reading through a blog post to find the tips you need to find that calm, to find the simple.

How to have a simple Summer

Stay Simple. The bare bones of it is to have a simple summer make it simple! Yep, I know, Why are you making it overcomplicated?, Are the summer holidays really the best time to be adding new meals to your meal plan?

Calendar Cutting. Cut down the things you add into your calendar, You don’t need to fill every single day! Infact, you are going to cause more stress filling each day with activities as just as we get tired so do our kids.

Meal Plan While we don’t want to add new meals that you then have to source ingredients for and learn to cook making a meal plan for the whole summer can cut down the number of decisions we are having to make on a daily basis. We make around 35000 decisions a day! Creating a simple meal plan will cut this!

Could do List In years gone by We have created a summer bucket list but actually what this does is make you feel like you have failed if you don’t tick everything off. instead, write a could-do list that way it is not set in stone that you must do what you have on it. they are just there to give you ideas.

Stop the Scrolling While sometimes it’s nice to catch up with your favourite Instagrammers, its good to check in with friends online, and some of us will use our socials for running our business. But you really don’t need to be on there every moment of every day! Yep, Hard truth time. Stop the scroll, put down your phone and enjoy the summer with your kids. Not only will you cut the temptation of comparisonitis, and you will have more time to get stufff done!

Join Summer CHOAS Control The Challenge I am running my yearly challenge from Wednesday 6th July 2022. It’s a fun but highly practical challenge to help you cut the CHAOS and enjoy summer because those kids grow up fast right and we don’t want to miss any more time!

I cant wait to see you there!

Nina x


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