I’ve missed the slipstream!! 

We are half way through January and I’m still not feeling the new year. I’m happy enough but I’m also overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to get done this year.

The theme for our family this year being something to do with growing love decluttering stuff.

All I want to do is drink tea and binge watch box sets.

I started the year in Lanzarote our families paradise. The isle that one day we hope to live.

While we were there my head filled with plans of what i wanted to to when i got home.

We got home and I volunteered to help out at the last few shows of panto.

Now I feel I’ve missed the new year slipstream.

I still want to declutter the house and today I made a start.

Do I feel better? No!

I’ve only done a little bit.

Maybe I need to jump on the Chinese New Year for my new year??

Catch that slipstream?

I know people say there’s no time like the present but I need that slipstream. I need the good vibes all around.

Next week maybe I may find it.

Who knows

Does anyone else feel like this?

Is it just me?

Have you managed to get on with your new year goals??


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