Jessops Bereavement Suite Fundraising with Maple + Pea.

Since the birth of my last set of twins I have been looking for ways to give back to the team that saved my life. I am now subscribed to the email newsletters from The Jessop wing and just recently have been moved by a number of stories from both The Nicu and the recent Bereavement suite appeals. The owner of Maple + Pea has used her skills to create a unique way to give back to the staff that helped her family face the toughest time in their life.

The Jessops Bereavement Suite

Jessops sees around 8000 babies born each year and while this is a time to celebrate for many for some families the journey doesn’t turn out quite liked they had hoped.

The loss of a child is such an unimaginable pain to face for parents and relatives. A bereavement suite like the one at jessops can give families a safe haven with knowledgeable staff to give care and attention. As well as a place to spend a little time with their baby.

Update needed

The Breevement Suite is in need of an update and the Sheffield hospitals charity launched an appeal late 2019 to raise funds to help with the redevelopment of it. They aim to raise £230,000 to help fund the redevelopment.

The aim of the redevelopment is to give parents a place to feel calm and nurtured. Surroundings that are tranquil and not the usual hospital walls. Somewhere that parents can spend time with their babies.

Maple + Pea

Maple and pea is a funky clothing shop for little ones. They sell cool t shirts and leggings ideal for those toddlers that are always on the go a well as our precious bundles that are busy growing.

Items are designed and made exclusively and locally in the uk.

Honouring The Memory

Over the past few months they have been busy designing a print to help honour the memory of their brother and sister- in- laws precious children Ava & Freddie who sadly died just after they were born.

The print is a gorgeous elephant and star design. Elephants chosen because that’s what her brother and sister in law associate with the babies. The stars on the background because Twinkle Twinkle played at their funerals.

The proceeds of sales of this print will be split between remember my baby (a charity which offer free remembrance photography for bereaved parents) as well as The Jessop Wing to help support the development of the Bereavement suite.

“Each garment made from this fabric, will have a special care label sewn in which have Ava + Freddie’s footprint on. (The left one is Ava’s and the right one is Freddie’s ????). When you see the labels and their little footprints, you’ll know that all the profits from your sale has gone to two amazing causes in Ava + Freddie’s name. A thank you to those who supported my brother and his wife in the worst time of their lives.

Jo – Maple + Pea

The items are available to preorder now! Just head to the Maple and Pea Facebook page and send a direct message.


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