Happy New Year – Thoughts on life lately

Yes I’m aware its a little late to be wishing you a happy new year but Ive only just go my get up and go (or get up and blog) and now its February! But I thought it was about time I opened my laptop and cracked on with some work! This virus isn’t going anywhere yet and you know neither are we as we approach week 5 of lockdown 3! So here are my thoughts on life lately. (a bit of a journal)

Happy New Year!

So the last time I wrote was in September when the kids went back to school after 6 months and now we are back in lockdown with kids off school again. Since then we have had another lockdown, Christmas and new year and all of January! Which I believe was 793 days long. Im always late for everything so when should my new year greeting be any different.

Obviously if you follow our daily adventures on instagram you will know what we’ve been up to since the last time I blogged and that my mental health took a dip again and that I am still trying to navigate my way back up again.

New year scene, black pointed happy new year hats on a plate with a red candle glowing in the background

Taking January Off!

But as the days get lighter and I put in more things to help get my head in a better place I can feel my head becoming less tangled and brighter days ahead. Looking back Its not just because of the pandemic that my mood starts dropping over the winter days so maybe I should start taking January off all together I have seen people like Zoe Sugg she often films Vlogmas then takes January to rest! I think its the way forward in future!

Thoughts On Life Lately

So we are in Lockdown 3 right now. The first lockdown was not too bad It was looooooong dont get me wrong. It was sad at times, but we got on with it, all of us, there was a new sense of togetherness even though we were apart. Lockdown two felt really really sad. The schools were still open so kids went in but shops were closed. There were more and more people feeling desperately sad when we should have been in that pre December getting excited for Christmas stage. This time is just the pits. It’s like if you could get worse than depressing then that would be where a-lot of us are.

Lockdown 3

This time schools are sending more work that the kids are supposed to be able to do independently. They cant or wont Not in this house anyway! People are trying to work and supervise school work and juggle littler kids while still keeping up with housework and everything else life throws at us. There is also still the dreaded virus going around which now is more contagious than ever! So we have the worry of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe while we do our food shopping or while we head out to work if we have to.

Plus we have been at this now almost a year. The anniversary date the first covid patient was admitted to hospital has passed. So we are all feeling fatigued. Living with that stress for that amount of time has taken its toll on alot of us!

I’ve had a few weeks of feeling completely depressed and down about the situation, Feeling like I cant plan, Like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Struggling with schoolwork and trying to work and the household chores too. I mean why do we have 3 lots of outfit changes a day when were are not even leaving the house? And it looks like schools will be off until at least the start of March maybe even longer depending on if the figures come down and vaccines get to the desired amount of people.

Despite all this, This week I feel in a more positive mood. After having a chat with school about how I am feeling they have said the big twins can go in to use the Key worker facilities a couple of times a week as Chris is technically a key worker. (Please dont message me about how I’m using spaces that frontline workers should have or putting teachers at risk because Ive got enough guilt of my own about it. It was school that contacted me because we simply couldn’t keep up with the amount of work being set.)

I am putting things (In pencil) in the diary for the future, I have my adventure planning head back. Planning is literally one of my coping techniques. It really helps to plan future adventures. I have booked tickets to a conference that we go to every year. We are also planning a few home alterations that will make our space work better for us.

What may be the biggest thing though is I have been in contact with the local NHS mental health team to head back to some kind of therapy. There is such a big waiting list for this but I have been given some self guided sessions to start with. I will chat about it more in a dedicated mental health chat post but for now this feels like a huge step!

So despite the first month of 2021 feeling so very long and depressing things are going in the right direction and brighter days are on their way.

How are you? Really?

So now, how are you feeling? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on instagram or facebook and let me know. I’ve had more chats over messenger this past couple of months than ever before on my social channels. people feeling anxious, stressed, lonely even. Non of which is anything to feel ashamed about. All of which are valid and any of which I’m happy to chat through with you.

What Next? What content?

So whats next? What is coming up from me?

I’ve a few things I wouldn’t mind doing, a few projects I would like to have a look at but I’m not going to say for definite as things at the moment are hectic in the house to say the least.

But I would like a little help…

As we stroll though the year I would love to know what kind of content you prefer is it daily snippets of life via instagram, weekly catchups via a vlog on Youtube or lengthy blog posts like this? Not just from me but anyone?

Would you be interested in a roundup email?

What kind of content do you consume on youtube? Hauls, How tos? Vlogs? monthly favourites?

What area of my life would you be interested in seeing more of? Swimming, kayaking, daily life, routines with twins (Not that we have set routines at the moment) allotment life, Mental health?

Im aware I may be writing this and no one actually cares or even maybe thinks Actually I wish you would just not do any! but its always nice to thin one person may give me some feedback!

Over to you!


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