From Living Anxious to Simply Living! The start Of My Journey.

I have been blogging since around 2008. When I started I was suffering with Infertility and Insomnia. This led to anxiety and bouts of depression. Years later and I still live with with mental health issues, Now though I am on a journey Living more consciously and simply to stay on top of my wellbeing.

Living Consciously and Simply to stay on top of my wellbeing.

There has been a lot of influences in the past few years that have finally kickstarted my Simplify journey. The main thing that has led me to dreaming of a better life for my family and myself is surviving the rare pregnancy condition Placenta Percreta. I got over the initial few months of physical recovery from this truly scary time and hit crisis point. I vowed then to live a better life and and give my family a better me.

So what am I doing on my consciously living Journey?

There are a number things I have changed to live a better life. Some things I am still trying to work through. Decluttering and living more simply to getting more exercise and eating a better diet are a few ways.

Living simply

I have been trying to live more simply since my mental health hit crisis point. Saying no to more things, pulling things out of my diary and just living each day as they come. Having four children really can add to a full diary. I am trying to be careful about what I put in there.

To add to living more simply I have been trying to declutter the house. Living a more minimalist life within our home. I have got rid of a lot of things there is still such a long way to go.


For a while I toyed with the idea of taking the kids out of school and travelling. We did actually home school for a while but funds and patience was a big issue so they have ended up back in school.

Now though we have learnt how to travel more budget friendly. heading out on a weekend traveling to new places and making new little adventures.

There are a few little trips we take that take us to places further a field too. These are so special to us as we work hard to be able to show the children more of the world.

Becoming more Eco Friendly

For a while I have been a little bit blind sighted. Be that consciously (head in the sand kind of thing) Or subconsciously. Blind sighted to the sheer amount of waste we produce as a household. The amount of items we buy that amount to the plastic pollution crisis. Making bad or uninformed choices that can negatively impact the world we leave for our children.

I have recently been trying to make more eco friendly choices. Make changes to become more eco friendly.

Exercise & Healthy Diet

I have tried to start living a more healthy life. Changing my diet, taking up more movement in my daily life and adding more exercise throughout my week. I have a little issue with will power and nap-time bingeing however I am really trying to stay on top of this and get fitter for life in my 40s and beyond.

Blogging / Telling My Story

A few weeks ago I push myself out of my comfort zone and spoke to a group of WI women. It was in fact my own WI which somehow made it even more scary.

I believe that telling our story getting our words out there can really help other people feel less alone in their own story. It doesn’t have to be about mental health, or something tragic it can be just our daily slog of being a parent. Its sometimes all you need to know that its not just your new baby that doesn’t sleep. I have told many of my stories here and over on my instagram feed and I often get replies of gratitude for sharing. This really helps with my own wellbeing, knowing that I have helped someone else.


Finally unplug. I am a self confessed screen addict. There have been times in the past that I have had days for switching off. I am finding getting into a better routine for working helps with putting my phone down more and switching off the screen.

There is a lot of work to do on becoming better at switching off. Maybe restarting my screen free posts could help.


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