Meal Plan Monday – June 3rd

The kids have gone back to school and the routine needs to kick back off again. So its time for another meal plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Meal planning relives the stress after school of thinking what your going to make for dinner each day. There is nothing worse than getting to 4pm and realising you have no idea what to cook or that you have nothing in to cook.


I don’t plan breakfast for specific days instead just a range of options for the week. We often head to Chris’s Mums for weekend breakfasts so Its really just school days that need a plan.

Smoothie – Cereal – Fruit Bowl – Egg On Toast – Porridge – Musli – One Morning Out.


Its just me and the little twins this week for lunch times so we just have easy options. Now that the weather is better picnics will probably feature a lot in our lunch plans.

Monday – Snack Plate, Salad & leftover feta & Spinach Wraps

Tuesday – Picnic out

Wednesday – Grandmas for Lunch (Ham & Chips)

Thursday – Picnic Plate

Friday – Lunch Out

Saturday – Lunch at grandmas

Sunday – Picnic – Out for Jessops Event


On to Dinner Plans. Dinner time is my most stressful time of the day. The kids are often hungry after school but if I give them snacks before dinner they often wont then eat their dinner. The little twins need their dinner quite early too so that they can settle ready for bed.

Meal Plan Monday

Monday – Left over BBQ Sausages – We will be having a bit of a pic and mix plate I think.

Tuesday – Veggie Burgers mash & Veg

Wednesday – Nuggets and chips

Thursday – Lasagne & Salad

Friday – Pizza Friday – We often have take out on a Friday but I’ve been trying to eat better so I will opt for something like homemade chicken kebabs

Saturday – BBQ (Hopefully the weather will hold up if not we will just cook burgers in the oven)

Sunday – Pub lunch after our charity walk

I hope my meal plan has given you a little inspiration for dinners throughout the week.

Dont forget I often post on my Instagram feed or in my stories the meals we are having and our daily adventures.

Nina x

Joining in with Katy Kicker – Meal Plan Monday Linky


  1. 3rd June 2019 / 19:18

    What a fab week of meals. I am loving all the picnics for lunch.

  2. Nina
    4th June 2019 / 13:43

    Its got to be done when the weather is so nice! x

    • Nina
      10th June 2019 / 10:56

      BBQ was a wash out so we turned to those lovely golden arches!

  3. 5th June 2019 / 09:15

    Sounds like a delicious meal plan and I hope the charity walk goes well! Thanks very much for linking up x

    • Nina
      10th June 2019 / 10:55

      Thankyou It went well x

  4. 5th June 2019 / 19:17

    My ears perked up when I read about twins! lol. We are twins too! Hugs to them for us. Thanks for sharing your fab meal plan with such fantastic ideas.
    I hope the charity walk goes well and enjoy the meals.

    • Nina
      10th June 2019 / 10:57

      Ah thankyou. The charity walk went really well.

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