Crafting for Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week I have decided to write a Mental Health related post each day during the week. Day Two Is Crafting For Mental Health.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. The First post of the week was all about Body Image.

Crafting For Mental Health

You only have to look a a child with a paintbrush or pot of glue and some glitter to see how happy in they are in the moment of creating. They dont really care about the outcome of the craft they just love the moment they are in.

So why when we get that bit older do we forget how to create freely, focusing on the end product rather than the process?

I dont know about you but I often lose sight of the process and then get frustrated because I’ve told myself I’m just not good at craft?

Creating To Sell

Not long ago I made and decorated concrete garden ornaments and little buildings as our business. I loved sitting in my workshop painting those things. Radio on just sat creating things I could sell.

However I’m impatient. If I’m no good at a craft straight away I often don’t give it a chance. I just give in and think you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

Knitting, crochet for example. I’ve tried numerous times. But when I can’t make something that is useful or beautiful then I get frustrated. And end up just leaving it.

I’ve no end of projects that I’ve left as I think I’m not good enough. Yet friends of mine seem to pick something up and create works of art at first go.


Pottery for me is different. Think playdoh for grown ups.

I will admit I do get frustrated when the thing I’ve made isn’t as lovely as it looked in my head.

But I’m learning resilience is key. Or so my Ceramics tutor Tells me

Even if you create the most perfect piece of pottery it doesn’t mean it will stay that way when it comes out of the kiln. Clay and glaze all react in different ways in the kiln. You have to pray to those kiln gods that they look after your piece.

Find out more about Mental Health awareness week head to the website


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