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When I was around my big twins age I loved to create little newspapers for my family. I would fill them with articles and little images that I’d drawn or cut from magazines. I think that’s why The Neveo Family Photo Journal appealed to me.

Neveo Family Photo Journal

The Neveo Journal is a monthly Photo Album created by you. You can chose up to 50 photos per month to add to the monthly newspaper style album. There is space to add a little caption to each photo too so you can really let the gift receiver know what you have been up to over the past month.

How does Neveo work

Firstly you need to set up an account and chose who is going to receive your family album. Then you can get choosing your photos for the month.

You can add other family members too so that they can contribute to your family album.

As I said you can pick up to 50 images from your device, google drive or from instagram. Then add a comment to each picture letting your family member know what you have been up to.

You can log in to the Neveo site at any point which means you can add a photo a day or a couple a week or all in one go like me at towards the end of the month.

You have until the end of each month to add, move or change the images before your newspaper automatically gets sent out to your gift receiver.


Back when my Nan was with us she would nag me constantly for me to print out some photos of the kids. She wanted to see the adventures we had been having. I wish this product had been available then she would have loved it. It really is the ideal Gift for grandparents this Christmas.

I think in this digital age we can often forget those that don’t have access to social media like our grandparents. This is a great way for them to still feel connected Especially if they live far away.

I Chose to send our family Journal to my mum. Although she has social media quite literally at her fingertips she loves the feel of a magazine in her hand. I thought this would be a great gift for her each month.

The first month I chose to send her our Cornwall road trip adventure album. Carefully choosing my top 50 images to put in. I put a comment with each photo so she would know where it is and what we are doing.

It’s so easy to set up and create your family newsletter with Neveo. The only hard part for me is choosing which photos to put in each month.

There is a christmas promotion at the moment which means that If you head over to the Neveo Website and use the code SPENCERSARCMUMMY You can get your first month for free!

I hope You and your family enjoy The Neveo Family Journal as much as we are.

Nina x

This Blog Post was written in collaboration with Neveo. I received a year long subscription to the family Journal in order to review the product.

As always all opinions are my own!

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