November Blogging / Vlogging Plans. 

Hello November.


This month I am attending the mumsnet BlogFest event!  I am hoping to pick up lots of inspiration for my blog!

I am scrapping Screen Free Tuesdays as I didn’t have much inspiration on this front!

So to the plans

November 12 months of Christmas 
6th –  Advent Calendars
13th – Elf On The Shelf – Ideas & Planning
20th – How to survive a Christmas Market
27th – Dec The Halls


Wednesday – Wicked Wednesday Linky from Brummy Mummy of 2

Friday – Cuppa of the week.

Sundays through until Christmas- 12 weeks of Christmas.

Blog Plans for November 

3rd Its just too much

14th – Lone Parenting Pros & Cons

21st – Black Friday – Tips for myself

24th – Meet Other Mums Post – She Went into Labour

As always I may have extra posts if the mood takes it!

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