“From Hobby to Hustle: Making Money From Your Blogging Passion”

Ok, it’s time to dive back into the blogging world! Back in 2019 and 2020, I kicked things up a notch in the blogging sphere. Instead of treating it like a mere side gig I do between naps, I started taking it seriously, almost like a proper job. And you know what? It really paid off… until, well, you know, the whole pandemic situation hit.

During that time, though, I stumbled upon a new passion: mentoring. Funny thing is, blogging and mentoring go hand in hand for me. Not only is blogging fantastic for driving traffic to websites, but it’s also a gateway to turning my love for writing and sharing into a legit income. Imagine being able to work from practically anywhere in the world!

So, if you’re wondering how to monetize your blog, you’re in luck. But before we get into that, let me just say, blogging is more than just a hobby for me—it’s an outlet to share my story and open doors to opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Now, I get it—some of my family members still scratch their heads, wondering how I make money from this ‘little hobby’ of mine. But let me tell you, there are plenty of ways to turn your blog into a moneymaker.

Your going out again? Events

When you start blogging it really can open up a number of events for you to attend. Some events are free some you will have to pay for. Some you could even get paid to attend.

  • Blogging Events – There are a number of blogging events that you can attend. These are usually something you have to pay to attend. Attending them though can be so beneficial. I have met some amazing people through some that I have attended. It’s often a great pace to find new brands to work with. A place to network with other bloggers. I even ended up speaking at a couple. This can also provide you with more income as some speaker are paid to share their passions.
  • Press Event – A press event is free to attend. They are organised by a brand or venue to help promote a venue or a new product launch. Press events are for “press” or journalists and now bloggers and influencers to attend.
  • Paid to attend Events – You could get a brand to sponsor you to attend certain events.

Sponsorship – Paid Blogging Jobs

Sponsorship Means a company will pay you for promoting their products. It usually means creating a relationship with a brand. Working with them time and again. If you have a Youtube channel you could get a company to sponsor a video. Creating a video of your day and using one part of the video to talk about the product your sponsor company have asked you to talk about.

Paid – Ambassadorship

In a similar style to sponsorship This is a long term relationship with a company. An ambassadorship means you are getting paid to constantly promote a brand. It doesn’t mean that you have to post about it every day or in every post but often the brand will use you images on their social feeds. This is a great way to build each others following up.

Affiliate links and ads

These are links you can add within your posts that lead to a product that can be bought by your reader. You get paid a commision from purchases made from your link. Ads can sit in the sidebar of your blog you can charge companies a fee for having them. A little like what a newspaper or magazine would have. I have one for something that simplifies mum life a little for us anyway at the bottom of my pages


Technically they are not free as you are usually sent things to write a review. Some companies will send you things for free so that you can do a write up on the product or add them to a gift guide.

Days Out

As with the freebies, Venues will often have a budget to give “press Passes” out to bloggers in return they usually ask for a blog post or instagram posts that promote their business.

Finding Opportunities

So you’ve started your blog but now you know that you can earn a bit of income from the above sources where do you go to find the work?

  • Email The Brand directly – You can usually find details for press office or pr company for a brand on their website. It’s usually hidden at the bottom in small print. Email them, ask if you can be put on their list of bloggers or if they have any campaigns you can be a part of.
  • Get Tagging – If you post something on social media and it shows off your favourite brand tag them! If you have written a blog post about your day out send the pr or press office a link to your work. you never know they might contact you next time.
  • Search Facebook Groups for Blogger Opportunities. – Facebook is full of blogging groups people post weekly even daily sometimes opportunities that may fit within your blog. Just go and search. Try searching where you live – Suffolk Blogger, Nottinghamshire bloggers etc or try blogger opportunities.
  • Google “Paid Blogging Jobs” – There are loads of sites out there you can google ‘blogging opportunities’ or paid blogging jobs’ on google just like facebook it will show you loads of sites to register with just like Get Blogged . Get Blogged is a site I use often to find paid blogging work.

I hope you find this useful information and can now start earning an income from your hobby.

Good Luck

Nina x

This blog post is a paid collaboration with Get Blogged. I only work with brands that fit mine and my family’s lifestyle.



  1. 9th March 2020 / 09:33

    Hi, thanks for sharing these details. It helps a lot of new bloggers like me who don’t know how to go about this whole blogging business.

    • Nina
      10th March 2020 / 12:30

      It can be hard to know where to start with blogging cant it?

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