School Holiday Survival Guide & Bucket List

February Half term holiday is just around the corner so it’s time to get my planning head on. School Holidays always feel that bit more chilled when I have a few plans in place. It may only be a week off school but it can be a week of adventures and memory making or a week of tension and stress. Here’s my School Holiday Survival guide & Bucket list.

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School Holiday Survival Guide & Bucket list.

Schools Out – School Holiday survival guide.

  1. Plan, plan, plan! Sometimes it’s nice to wing it but if you work from home like I do you need to put a plan in place to Fit in times for work, times for playing and when your going out with the kids.
  2. On the subject of planning. I always try and create a bucket list of things we want to do over the holidays and weekends. Places to go activities to do together etc. If you head to the bottom of this post I have included our bucket list for the upcoming Half term.
  3. Get Some me time. You can’t pour from an empty cup as they say so it’s important to get even 10 mins for yourself. A bath when they have finally dropped into bed or a cuppa in the garden.
  4. A good way to get some me time is to have quiet afternoons Our little twins still have a nap still at the moment so I send the big two to have some quiet time which lets me get on with a little bit of work in the afternoons or take my 10 mins just for me.
  5. Routines don’t have to go out of the window just because the school run is on hold. You can still follow a simple routine so that the kids know what’s happening through the day. Our little ones thrive on a bit of routine.

Spring Term Bucket List

So on to our bucket list for the Half Term

I find it so beneficial to create a bucket list. It really gives us an idea of activities and trips we want to take. I add any trips that are already booked, activities we would like to do.

Bucket List

Days Out

  • Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show – I can’t wait to head here and get some inspiration for our spring / Summer adventures.
  • Beach Day – This is forever on my bucket list I just love the seaside.
  • National Trust Visit – Pring is an ideal time for making use of our National Trust Membership. We have Clumber park almost on our doorstep was well as Belton House just down the A1.


  • Movie Night – we love a movie night. The kids think its so special when we put up the big screen and get snacks to watch a film. We are currently watching Harry Potter.
  • One to One Date day – If you follow me over on instagram you will know that just lately one to one time has been a little tricky so my plan is to give each of the big twins on day a month each to spend with whichever parent they want. I think this will hopefully get us all back on track.
  • Kite Flying – It’s been ages since we’ve been out flying kites and the kids just love it.
  • Picnics & Packed Lunches – To save a little bit of money, I often pack up a picnic or packed lunch when we head out and about. It is a real hit with both sets of twins to have the novelty of thier own packed lunch.

What tips do you have to survive the holidays? Do you create a bucket list?

Nina x

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