September Word of the month.

Ahhhh September, the smell of new books, freshly sharpened pencils, new school shoes, and back to the chaos of the school run!

September brings new possibilities, a chance to start over or get back to working on your goals.

That’s why Septembers word of the month is more a sentence that a word.

Back To It!

This is my theme this month.

  • Back to school. The big twins are starting year two this school year. They will be in separate classrooms for the first time. Hopefully this means they will appreciate the time at home together a little more? The littlest twins are also heading to nursery one morning a week so that I can focus on my other goals below.
  • Back to working hard on the blog and social media. I have fell out of a routine for working lately. It’s hard to find a balance when it’s the school holidays. So hoping to get back on it.
  • Getting back into a routine. As above I so need to get back into a routine. Both for working and for keeping the home in check.
  • Back to the healthy way to live. I really need to work on my getting fit for 40 goal, summer has seen many ice creams eaten, many coffee & cakes had, a lot of meaty BBQs and not enough exercise. I’m now feeling the effects of this. I’m so unfit.
  • Back to the mission of decluttering, minimising our stuff. This is my biggest goal, I really need to minimise our lives and our stuff. It’s getting out of control and I think minimising will help all of our wellbeing’s!!

So whether your goals are to get back on it or something else I hope you have an amazing September.

Let me know what you have planned this month. I love our little community here and it nice when we can support each other with our goals.

Nina x

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