Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Eight – National Trust Beach (Bedruthan Steps?)

Today was meant to be a rest day just hanging around the campsite. However the lack of supplies like food and nappies put change to that.

The little twins gave me an early start to my bank holiday Monday about 6.30am in fact. So I set to and wrote yesterday’s diary entry with my first cuppa of the day.

When the pool opened I headed down for a quick morning swim and a sneaky latte while the laundry washed.

We thought that one of us could head into Newquay on the bus to get our supplies. Unfortunately the bus never arrived we can only assume its due to the bank holiday.

So a quick pack up of the van and we are heading to Newquay to do a shop.

A little shop later and the cupboard is bursting! Well for a little while anyway with this hungry lot.

Then we decide to explore somewhere. We drive through some lovely looking beach towns but the parking looks a little too full to squeeze the motorhome in.

We end up at a National Trust car park in search of Bedruthan Steps. Instead we end up at a pretty little slate beach after having walked through a field and nature reserve.

The beach itself is full of rock pools and plenty of rocks to climb. There was a group of people all set up for the day with a BBQ, blankets and camp chairs all around. If only we were that organised.

The kids thought it was brilliant being able to splash in the stream and climb the rocks. Even the little two weren’t phased by the climbing.

Heading back to the car alternating between having to carry the little twins or chasing after them as they’ve ran too far in front we find that we now have to navigate back through the field. The field is now occupied by a herd of cows. It didn’t put anyone off though. In fact I think Mason would have gone to stroke them given half a chance.

Back home and it’s almost 6. Just enough time for the kids to have a little swim in the pool. I call pool duty! The little twins have been a little challenging so I opt for the easy job.

Now just time for pizza and a quick tidy around. You wouldn’t believe such a small space could get so messy so quick.

The kids, Chris and our next door neighbour boy then finish the day with another movie night.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


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