Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day One

As I type this we are driving down the motorway heading down to our first campsite of our summer road trip.

I think in hindsight I should have maybe asked to pick up the motorhome earlier in the day and left our home before breakfast as on the way to pick it up we had a car sick toddler explode somewhere on the A1.

A quick stop off at leicester services was made to wash out her clothes and snuggle teddy as well as take the rest of the bunch to the loo.

We arrived at our Motorhome rental just after the allotted 2pm time slot however thankfully due to it being the summer holidays they were busy anyway.

After being shown our Motorhome we headed out onto the open road.

Another stop off was made this time to sainsburys to get some food for dinner. This was mistake number two of our day.

Once we had all eaten we headed out onto the road again just 10 minutes in I though the little twins had fallen asleep when explosion number two happened.

Goodness this road trip is going to be fun if the travel sick toddler is anything to go by.

We arrive at our campsite for the evening a little later than anticipated gone 9pm actually.

A lovely lady at Bucklegrove checked us in for the night and was really helpful even though we were well passed closing time.

Now it’s bedtime finally – Though unfortunately it looks like the little lady’s travel sick maybe a little more than just travel sick.

Fingers crossed we all manage at least a few hours before tomorrow.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


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