Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Seven – Long Rock Beach, Treloy Touring Park

Last Morning at Sennen Cove. When we arrived the manager said our stay would go quickly and he wasn’t wrong. But on to a site now with lots of things for the kids to do.

Waking up to the smell of bacon drifting over camp sure is a great way to start the day but only if you have your own bacon buttie to look forward to.

Today however we don’t so we pack the van up quickly and head to McDonalds.

We park up near to where we were last night overlooking the beach and St Michael’s Mount.

In the sea there are paddle boarders, people canoeing and the odd one or two having a swim. My mission after breakfast is to sneak in my first sea swim of our holidays.

Time For A Swim

The big two end up coming with me. They are fairly competent swimmers now so at least if won’t distract my swim too much.

a swim swin can be very bracing but once your in you dont really notice the temperature. Once we got out I could feel that endorphin high sweeping . and a smile appearing.

Then the we took the little twins to have a splash. Mason really love the beach and his curls make us think he’s going to be a surfer dude when he’s older. Maybe we need to move to the coast?

Campsite number 5 though I’m not sure you can really call this one a camp!

Treloy Touring Park

This site is amazing, along with the usual shower blocks shop and things there is also a pool, games room, massive play park, dedicated playing field, a cafe and a small entertainment bar. It’s more like a holiday park really.

I wanted to give the kids a bit of a treat with this site. We have already made friends with the family across as they have a lovely old english sheepdog who is just one and is ready for a lot of fuss which is handy as Jessica is such a dog fan. I blame that Waffle Doggy!

So post nap time was swimming in the surprisingly warm pool followed by dinner in the cafe and obviously testing out the play park.

When we got back to the Motorhome it was getting towards dusk so Chris set up the cinema for the kids and I set up marshmallow toasting.

We were joined halfway through the film by the dog from across and his human boy. The dog however wouldn’t sit for the film so went back to his tent but the boy stayed until the end.

I Hope these simple memories will be the ones the kids remember when they grow up.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


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