Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Three – Bude

I usually write my diary in the evening however I think maybe I felt a little travel sick yesterday as last night I felt a little dizzy.

We woke and headed to the showers These are not the camp showers I remember as a child these had underfloor heating and were so clean and fresh looking.

After our showers it was time for a bacon buttie which took a lot longer to cook that it did to eat.

After breakfast had been consumed we packed up ready to head to our next camp. I said yesterday I wish I had booked a couple of nights at this site as it was really nice and friendly and not far from a lovely beach.

On the road again we navigated some narrow roads and decided that maybe we need to download a sat nav that is tailored for wider vehicles. That’s better no more standoffs with other drivers.


We arrived in bude early for campsite check in so headed into bude. There was a great car park full of other Motorhomes even one from the same hire company.

The kids go out and immediately ran on to the grass area to fly their kites. All apart from jessica who decided she would head back to bed. Shes still not great with this traveling thing.

I made a bit of lunch, Well sandwhiches and picky bits then we went to explore the beach. Jessica only lasted a couple of minuites before chris took her back while the others played in some little rock pools.

On To Camp

This is our first camping and caravanning club stay and as such I felt a little concerned that our kids may be a little too much for this club site.

No ball games, no kites, etc. The site was quiet and although there was evidence of children around there wasn’t a sound or sight of them. Not until our lot arrived anyway.

Now onto lidl to pick up some more supplies our motorhome kitchen isn’t really big enough to store more than a couple of days of food for our hungry kids.

On the way back we found a beach front carpark I think we might head there tonight too. The kids explored the beach I fashioned some hot chocolate from milk and a bar of chocolate at Jakes request.

This would have been my dream parked by the beach cuppa in hand watching the kids play but Jessica is still feeling a bit fragile and mason seems to be constantly screaming so im feeling a bit anxious and stressy at times.

On to day Four and lots more beach days ahead I think! ………..

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Nina, Chris & The Kids x


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