Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Twelve – California Chalet & Touring Park & Country Park

It’s the little twins birthday today though nothing special is planned just exploring the country park that we are staying at.

We woke up quite late today and the little twins woke and immediately found their presents that I had brought with us.

Emotional Day

It’s quite an emotional day for myself and Chris to be honest. I feel excited for the little twins birthday but anxious and emotional about the suvivorversary of The placenta percreata. It’s a hard one and I guess we just have to take time to heal still. I’m sure as the years countdown and the twins grow up things will ease but for now, Today , I spent a good half hour in the shower alone crying.

On to making good memories for the day. Once we had all got ready and dressed for the day it was almost lunch. We headed out to find the splash pool and play park in the country park.

California Country Park

The park is walking distance from the campsite. It looks a little like a building site at the moment as they are putting in new seating areas and better car parking facilities.

We head straight for the play areas. The big kids head to a woodland assault course and the little two to the slide then the ship climbing frame.

It wasn’t long before mason saw the splash pool and was demanding his swim clothes on.

A good hour of splashing in the freezing pool and then we decide to have a bit of lunch in the Jacksons cafe before nap time.

While nap time occurs I try and pack up some of the motorhome ready for our early departure in the morning.

Nap time over and it’s back to the pool and park for a while. It stayed open until 6pm we were there until the end. I had to drag the kids away.

Back to the Motorhome for our last night and the Twins Birthday night. It’s time to eat up everything in the fridge and cupboard.

We end the day and holiday with another cinema night. It really is these moments That I hope stay with us for a long time. Definitely something we want to try and do more of on weekends.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


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