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Agggghhhhhhhh, I met Kirstie Allsopp!

I actually spoke to her and she spoke directly to me.


So a little bit of background – Ive watched Kirstie on Location Location Location since it started I think! I loved her style her honestness and lets face it the spark between her a Phil is something that has everyone guessing!

Then when she started moving into the more craft related programs like fill your house for free and Kirstie’s handmade home I liked her even more.

Especially with the christmas shows where she had a go at all of the crafts she showcases.

So last year I booked my mum and myself VIP tickets the the Kirstie’s Christmas handmade Fair.

I was so over whelmed I think I had a little panic attack. There was a room of about 30 people including myself all with the chance to speak to her – I didn’t have the courage to speak then.

Early This year tickets came on sale for the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace. I jumped at the chance to buy myself VIP tickets again.

I headed down to London on the Thursday afternoon.

Friday Morning arrived and it had been thundering and raining most of the night and it was still raining that morning. Damn I wish I had brought my wellies.

Anyway I grabbed an Uber to Hampton Court and lined up in the pouring rain waiting for the show to open! They were handing out free ponchos to anyone who wanted one Luckily I had my jacket!

Once inside I joined the VIP crowd to the VIP tent to get our goody bag, wrist band and complementary cuppa.

Then I headed off to the shopping tents – I cant believe the diverse range of items that were on offer from craft Kits to fabric bundles, Sewing machines and amazing handmade gifts homewares and fashions.

After I had done most of the first hall I realised it was nearly time for my first workshop – Wire flower making with Lucy Elisabeth. I really think I could take up wire work – Its a little more forgiving than say knitting or paper-craft.

The workshop was great a chance to try something you maybe wouldn’t think of doing normally.

After I had made my flower I headed back to the shopping halls to see what Christmas Gifs I could pick up!img_0949

Then off for a cuppa and lunch – The buffet style lunch looked and smelt amazing I had a ham & cheese triangle with bulgar whet salad and potato & spinach.

After lunch It was time to for Questions and answers with Kirstie – I had already got my question rehearsed – I wasn’t going to miss my chance this time even if It felt like the scariest thing in the world to me at that moment.

A few questions went by Then I stuck my hand up  her PA came to me with the mic

“Hi Kirstie, myself and a few of my friends would like to think we are very much Kirstie – In actual Fact we are more Miranda” – Everyone Laughed Including Kirstie “who is your inspiration in life?

See my video for the answer she gave because believe me – She doesn’t believe in one word answers.

After the questions she had to be dragged away by her PA as I think she would have stayed there chatting to everyone all day.

After this she got in a golf buggy and headed off to the next chat – Kirstie Talks to the Craft Council – I had booked to see this and as  a VIP you get reserved seats on the front row!


I will be posting more about the craft council chat and the work they are doing in a post early next month!

They got to a point in the chat about how craft skills are being lost and why was this then Kirstie asked if anyone had any questions my hand went up and before I had chance to think she was taking to me. I was telling her that my friends and I had joined the WI to try and learn some of the crafts that no one seems to teach anymore. At school we didn’t get Home economics, at home our mums had to work so we didn’t get homemaking skills passed down.

After this Talk I had another wader about a cuppa and a cake in the VIP Tent before the last talk of the day

Kirstie talking to Cath Kidston It was great listening to her and Kirstie having a chat as if no one else were there Cath who has now stepped down from the Cath Kidston brand is thinking about her next opportunity – She would love to go back to playing shop, She told us she loves the hype of being a shopkeeper, seeing people and the joy of other peoples shopping experience.


After this it was home time but not before I had sneaked with a group of other people into the back of the main tent to sneak a quick selfie with Kirstie.

When she saw me she said ” You did very well on the question front today” – I think what she meant was I didn’t shut up!  From being overly nervous about seeing her to I’m actually here now having a little chat and asking for a selfie!

Id love to have a cuppa with Kirstie and have a proper chat! I think I have a bit of a girl crush to be honest!


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