To my step son On results Day and becoming 17!!

Hey C,

How the hell did you become this young man all of a sudden??

I don’t often tell you how proud I am of you. Instead we normally laugh with you about your lack of geography knowledge. No C Ohio is not the answer to every question.

When I first came into your life you were a little terror. Much the same as your little brother is now. Except your hair was a lot more ginger than his.

I was given a role in those early days that I wasn’t ready for. I often got frustrated that you were more than just a boy who did boy things. You needed constant attention. I had only just moved in with your dad and now I was to care for this boy that wasn’t mine but not be able to have much say in his upbringing as you live with your mum mostly.

You did bring challenges to me and your dads life.

However all that hard work we all went through including your mum has made us strong. We all get along now. And that’s down to you!!

You are the jigsaw piece that connects us all together.

You dote on your brother and sister and no doubt will dote on these next 2 as well.

Anyway today you are off to get your GCSE results and I just want you to know how well you have done despite the ADHD. Whatever results you get you can do what you want. (When you work out what that may be!) I’m sure your results will get you into your college course and one day hopefully you’ll be earning enough to at least buy the pizzas on pizza Friday nights.

Next week you turn 17. And will be able to start your driving lessons. Then your world is your oyster. No more taxing for dad or nanny!

Good luck on the next chapter of your life C.

Proud to call you my stepson. And so glad I stuck with the hard times when you were younger to see you become the polite and helpful young man you are now. Even if sometimes we don’t see you until lunch time. And that’s only if there has been food mentioned. 😉

Nina xx



  1. Sue Archer
    24th August 2017 / 07:47

    Who is this young man that is mentioned . All I know is a little tyke who likes to wind me up. And needs me to practically park by his door do he doesn’t have far to carry stuff!
    I think this step mummy is telling fairy tales .
    Well let’s hope this is a fairy tale that comes good and you get to do what you want to do Cam . Be nice if your results please you but you’ve got plenty of time to do other things as well cos you’re only nearly 17 – unlike me. Have a good day – so glad you love your little brother and sister xxxxx nanny soo xxxx

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